A Well Traveled Mama Invites Us Onto Her Home Turf

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy
9:00 am

Photography by James Kicinski-McCoy

Having wanderlust and having children doesn’t always seem like a winning combo. But Bekah Stewart, of the much-beloved Tumblr blog A Well Traveled Womanmakes the mix appear effortless, scooping up her two sons, hitting the road, and documenting it all the while. Of course, sometimes settling in at home is nice, too, which is where we met the single mom, snapping her and her boys in their Louisville, Kentucky abode. Keep clicking to see the trio in all of their rough-and-tumble glory and read up on Stewart’s take on fashion, family, and her less-is-more ethos.

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Alia (simple savvy)

She is so amazing and inspiring. I find myself scrolling through her blog often. Love this!!

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Hannah Nicole

Wonderful! My favorite interview yet. She’s such a beautiful, honest soul.


Bekah is amazing and so is Miss James. Both ladies teach me everyday on how to live life simply and be content with what I have. I follow both lovely blogs and they’re both a source of inspiration.


this is such an authentic and beautiful profile. . . gorgeous photos of a truly gorgeous and warm hearted, balanced mama and her lucky boys. keep these coming!


I am such a huge fan of Bekah’s and I’ve been dying to see her new pad, so gorgeous. She seems like such an amazing woman and reminds me a great deal of my own single mama who raised myself, my sister, several dogs and various other animals. strong, nature loving women are the best. I can only hope to become as good a mother as Bekah seems to be and my own mama is. Lovely piece!

DeNai Jones

So very inspiring! The photographs are beautiful and authentic. I loved reading that Bekah is sentimental about the things in her house, I can relate. Beautiful interview.


All of these women are just well off. Sure she’s a ‘single mom’ but she doesn’t have a lifestyle anything NEAR what the majority of single mothers in this country do. Her life, and all of the women on here, their lives are peachy keen, sophisticated, filled with MONEY and STUFF. This is NOT inspiring at all and not realistic. Stuff and money isn’t inspiring, REAL people are. This is just elitist crap wrapped up in an ‘indie’ facade. Go ahead and delete my comment, but I’ll speak for myself as a mother, this doesn’t speak for even half the women in this country. Mother Mag is like the 1% of mothers.


    You know nothing about what Bekahs life is really like – do you think everything you see here is all there is to it? THIS is extremely judgmental and mean. No, you can’t speak for everyone, this is just her way of life and it seems like a pretty good way. And if you’d read her blog or instagram you’d know that she valued the simple things in life – and that doesn’t come from money or stuff. You’re always going to have more, or less, money or things or freedom to choose what you want to do, than other people – the trick is what you do with what you’ve got. My mother had very little money when I grew up, and still I had a pretty amazing childhood, not unlike the one pictured above. Talking about this being “elitist crap” is judgmental, petty and mean.


    Please stop thinking and buying into this notion that all single moms are broke. I have no idea what the finances are of AWTW and it’s none of my business but I don’t assume someone is poor because the media and everyone else tells me to believe that single parenting=financial poverty. As a single parent myself with an excellent job, we live well and travel often. Congrats to AWTW on a life that is authentic and beaitiful

Tori / My Om Life

Such a wonderful interview!! The best one yet! The love between the three of them is undeniable and so inspiring.

Much love,


I really enjoyed this interview. An inspiring person, and mom. Thanks for sharing!