Normalizing Nursing: 13 Celebs We Applaud

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy
10:30 am

Photos via Instagram

We’re firm believers in the idea “healthy mom, healthy baby, by any means necessary.” With that in mind, Mother is a non-judgement zone when it comes to formula feeding your child vs. breastfeeding. We say, whatever works! And we’re happy to see our fellow mamas embracing their feeding choices, as well.

On the breastfeeding side, we’ve noticed a recent trend (thanks to the rise of Instagram) of mamas—even celebrity moms—nursing their children openly and oftentimes documenting it proudly. As women who have loved (and sometimes struggled with) nursing, and with all of the controversy swirling around mother’s rights at the moment, we have to say, we find the recent rise in these personal pics refreshing, beautiful, and brave.

Do you agree? Click through for some of our favorite snaps featuring famous moms and their guzzling tots and let us know your take in the comments.

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I must have missed when breastfeeding became un-normal? It’s been going on since mammals evolved. At what point did it need normalizing? Some woman don’t mind nursing without a cover and some women need one. Some women nurse in the middle of a busy park and some women prefer privacy. Some women enjoy a photo sharing that moment and some women want you to get that camera away from them! To each their own all! Our great-great-great-great grandmothers and everyone in between breastfed (or tried to!)… it is one of the most normal things on earth!

Why is this an issue? Is this only an issue because social media includes it in their “no nudity” policy? Why is posting your nursing photo so important in the grand scheme of things? I honestly don’t think it is important. Personally I don’t find anything wrong with nursing photos or nudity in general but when it comes right down to it a breast is a breast, whether for nourishment or arousal. Social media can’t control what it is used for and thus needs to protect themselves from legal action in any senerio. If social media platforms don’t include it in their terms then stop using a product that you don’t agree with!


    Wait what?! Normalizing breastfeeding is not just about social media. I had originally typed out this big long response but i feel like your comment is extremely shortsighted and you’re clearly not well versed in what is happening outside of your community, and there’s no point in me being mean to anyone just for not being well educated on a topic.

    Please look up the problems with state laws regarding public nursing, and the (not at all sufficient) federal laws regarding protection for working mothers who need time to pump breast milk so their supplies don’t dry up, and the horror stories of women ridiculed and disrespected (daily, all over the country) for *feeding their children*. THAT is what the normalize breastfeeding campaign is for.


      Whoa! I don’t live in the states and where I am from it is a regular occurrence to see woman nursing in public with no one giving a second thought. I, in all honesty, thought this was specifically about nursing on social media.


YES! I love seeing all these hot mamas doing their thang!

This should never be hidden, just because we wear clothes, doesn’t mean we aren’t still animals!

Christa McGill

This is BEAUTIFUL!! There is no feeling like this bond between mother and child!!


I’m a nursing mother and don’t hesitate to feed my kiddo while we’re out and about and also totally and completely support other nursing moms who choose to do so in public. but no matter where you do it, it’s still a very private and intimate moment and it’s obvious in a few of these images that the moms weren’t aware that their photos were being taken! hurray for those who have willingly shared their pics (pink, angelina, natalia, miranda), but I don’t think it’s right to post the ones clearly taken without the mother’s permission (gwen, salma, maggie, alicia). it turns a beautiful moment that isn’t really meant for public consumption into a real invasion of privacy.

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