One Mother’s Beautiful Twins After A Heartbreaking Stillbirth

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy
7:00 am

Photography by James Branaman

With two bundles of joy wrapped under each arm, new mama-to-twins Elaina Bellis is a sight to behold. The joyous mama of identical 3.5-month-old twin girls Quincy Kay and Rowe James is all about love and light, especially after losing her first-born son Lincoln to a devastating stillbirth a little over a year before delivering her girls. Here, the model-turned-art director opens up her L.A. home to us, while she talks about raising her beautiful duo and surviving a tragic loss.

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Tears!Oh, so many tears!
It feels like someone just told my story.I can’t believe it.Like you, my son was stillborn without any warning at nine months.Nobody knows why, it is his mysterious eternal secret.
And like you, I came to believe that those months with our family were all he needed.He had such a peaceful energy when we met him.His short appearance taught us so much.
A midwife’s remark that really touched me was “Maybe he chose you both because he had to live his karma and he knew you could handle it.”
And yes, he took the right decision.We live with our story, and we grow with it.Currently I am pregnant with our third child ( he has a wonderful older sister and I always count him in ) and it feels like completing our very special family.Elaina, you are a truly beautiful woman and I wish you all the best!

jill c.

i had followed elaina on instagram awhile back and knew when she lost her son lincoln – i was so heartbroken for her as I too also lost my son late in my first pregnancy so I knew the pain that one goes through with this kind of loss. what a beautiful soul she seems to be and i’m so happy to see her with her rainbow babies…thanks for sharing this story with us.


    We had the same thing happen to us and the same name :( back in march of 2014 we couldnt be more happier for her back in her hometown… GOD BLESS YOU ELAINA


My beautiful,inspiring,magical niece! So proud of all you have been through and come out on the other end as such a bright light. And those 2 Adorable baby girls…….incredible! Much LOVE to you all.


All the tears….

Thank you for sharing your story. I also lost my son during childbirth… his body was too little to survive.

We talk about him with his big sister, and now have our rainbow baby, another girl.

Your family is beautiful!


I have followed Elaina on Instagram for a couple years now, through her first pregnancy and loss and now with the new babes. Elaina- thank you so much for sharing your story, such beautiful words of encouragement and healing. You are an incredible mother, and I cant wait to see what the future holds for your sweet family.

Doris Malacarne

Elaina: I remember you as a 4th grader, and this story is SOOO beautiful and heartwarming!
Blessings to you and your family as you ENJOY this journey !!


such a lovely, beautifuland heartbreaking story,
so happy for you that you have your girls they are just beautiful!

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