Pregnancy Style: Kelly Harris Of Bash Please

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy
8:00 am

Photographed by Max Wanger

You know those perfectly put-together and incredibly beautiful party photos we find ourselves re-pinning on Pinterest while on the hunt for our own celebration inspiration? Chances are Kelly Harris is one of the ladies behind some of them. As co-founder of the creative event and styling production duo Bash Please, the busy mompreneur is one serious businesswoman with an eye for everything cool. The mama to three-year-old Lucy Roux just welcomed her most-recent creation, daughter Coco Marie, into the world. Here, she chats family, work, and style just days before giving birth.

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kristen bennett

I am a new mother with a 6 month old daughter, she is the most beautiful and wonderful thing in this entire world. Unfortunately, my entrance into motherhood has been wrought with struggles and heartache. Her father, left me when she was 7 weeks old. He left saying he did not love me anymore and became verbally abusive after leaving.

Though I enjoy the articles on this site of families that are together and forgive me if I have missed important articles about the position more than a quarter of woman live now. Truthfully, I never thought I would be in this position asking for inspiration of a woman doing it alone. I am highly educated food scientist, I went to college, met a man, and we had a baby, never did I think it was a possible he would leave. Not that I am not inspired by all the woman and highlights of every mother because truly I am. I just wonder if there are woman out there to inspire the percentage of us, who make money, work hard, and do it by ourselves, regardless of the situation. I tend to find articles highlighting woman whose partners have died, but the social taboo of man leaving- for some reason those woman are not being shown to me across multiple social channels.

I love your site, the articles, the advice, but I’m looking for the realness of being a single mother because the father left. I’d like to know how these woman picked up the pieces and are changing the world.


Kristen Bennett


    Look elsewhere! This is a mama blogazine. This means this space only shows the pretty glossy side of motherhood (if that exists in reality).


    Hi Kristen,

    Although I might not be in your shoe, but I can feel your genuine self and struggles. Social media tends to just portray one side of life. If you can’t find an inspiring website or blog about single parent, maybe you are the right person to start.

    I would love to read how people find joy in the midst of pain & heartache.