Dog Mom: Laura Miller Of Raw, Vegan, Not Gross

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:30 am

Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Naturally, we love moms here at Mother. But, honestly, we really just love women. Which is why we don’t want to limit our content to only profiling those with children. There are too many incredible not-yet-moms, might-never-be-moms out there that we’d like to turn our readers onto from time to time.

Which brings us to our first “Dog Mom” feature on funny lady/chef/author/internet personality Laura Miller. The creator of #froobs (look it up) and the “Raw, Vegan, Not Gross” movement (plus a brand-spankin’-new cookbook of the same name!), the L.A.-based talent has amassed a cult following on both Instagram and YouTube thanks to her super relatable and body-positive approach to food and life.

Here, she invites us into the Silverlake home that she shares with her music producer husband, Ricky Reed, and 10-year-old dog, Buzz (an Akita-Pitbull mix), and talks internet superstardom, mom icons, style, grub, and more.

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Rae lanpheir

This woman is one of the most awesome persons in the universe!

Laura Miller – Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. » Dog Mom on Mother

[…] I definitely had no business getting Buzz 8 years ago when I could barely pay my bills and was sneaking a 90lb dog into my tiny SF apartment. But he’s taught me a lot about myself, helped a ton with my anxiety (he’s sat beside me open-mouth panting through many of my panic attacks), and has forced me to take better care of both of us. Feeling really lucky to have gotten these sweet photos with him especially as he’s becoming an older gentleman. You can read the whole article and see photos over on Mother Mag. […]


    that is so sweet. Sometimes we make the craziest decisions that turn out to be the best ones. The right dog can be amazing for calming the nervous system.Pics are gorgeous


I need that red jump suit in my life! Where the heck did you get it! You always look beautiful as usual.


Where did you get the Red jump suit? I need it in my life. I absolutely adore you! You’re so beautiful and talented!


I love your site and your recipes! Thank you for being vegan and making it so cool!


Beautiful summary of a mom/dog relationship. I have a similar relationship that is so magical, healing and fulfilling. I never could’ve imagined it. Fun to see someone else’s version. P.S. I just bookmarked almost every page of Raw. Vegan. Not gross.!!!

friday finds. – Emerald Acres Town Homes Blog

[…] and speaking of a sunny kitchen view, i love raw vegan not gross author laura miller’s kitchen featured on mother magazine. […]