The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
4:30 pm

Photo Via Vogue

Cardi B takes a note from Beyoncé for her Met Ball red carpet debut. (Vogue)

The truth about “mommy brain.” (The New York Times)

Kirsten Dunst had a baby boy. (People)

So did Miranda Kerr. (USA Today)

Meanwhile, Tia Mowry had her baby girl. (Instagram)

How a common question fuels the gender pay gap. (The New York Times)

Why you should argue in front of your kids. (The Atlantic)

In case you missed it, West Elm and Pottery Barn teamed up for a fantastic new baby + kids line. (Mother)

A new report finds single moms in college spend 9 hours a day on housework. (The Atlantic)

Why your midlife might be the happiest time ever. (Salon)

What it’s like to be a transgender dad. (TED)

Kat Von D is pregnant with a baby boy. (Instagram)

A mother, a stillbirth, and a jail sentence. (Slate)

Why fostering curiosity in kids is so important. (Business Insider)

A study finds breastfeeding has no impact on the IQ of a child by the time he/she reaches 16. (The New York Times)

Kim Gordon and her daughter Coco dress up in Proenza Schouler and talk style. (Vogue)

Why babies like talking to other babies. (Quartz)

Bill Murray crashed a couple’s gender reveal party. (CNN)

Miranda Kerr shows off her maternity style via video. (Vogue)

A new book that celebrates American moms in pop culture. (LA Times, Amazon)

One mom on raising daughters during the #MeToo movement. (The Atlantic)

The benefits of lullabies for both babies and parents. (The New York Times)

Jada Pinkett Smith on motherhood and her mother. (TheReal)

Jay-Z’s mom’s inspiring speech at the GLAAD awards. (Mashable)

Kristin Davis adopted a baby boy. (People)

How nutrition affects teens’ mental health. (U.S. News & World Report)

Jordin Sparks on her son’s scary birth. (People)

The burnout crisis in American medicine. (The Atlantic)

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Is it just me or does Jordin Spark’s birth not sound “scary” at all but rather, sounds like it was wonderful…. Not sure why you guys are contributing to the idea of birth being something to be afraid or, or the idea that the cord wrapped around the babies neck is immediately something to fear, when in reality, it’s a very common occurence, rarely causing any problems at all.