• Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

    Meet Bo Carney

    Mohawk General's founder & new mama.
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  • AnnaMargaretLEAD

    Pregnancy Style: Anna Margaret

    The founder of Le Souk Le Souk dresses her baby bump.
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  • Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux

    Two S.F. Moms

    Jessica Battilana & Sarah Picard invite us over.
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  • Hannah_Crowell-79

    Momboss: Hannah Crowell

    Meet the Nashville-based interior designer and single mama of two.
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  • Photographed by Kelly Christine Sutton

    Meet Casey Wiegand

    A bright light and Dallas mother-of-four.
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  • grayMMxON-309-Edit-Edit-111

    Meet Gray Benko

    The mama of two invites us into her bright & happy home.
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  • Dana Haim Home Tour

    Meet Dana Haim

    The textile designer and mama of one.
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  • Photographed by Victoria Gloria of Motherhood Storybook

    Meet Paola Mendoza

    The BK mama and Women's March's artistic director.
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  • fifivenezia-MotherMag_Lead

    Momboss: Kim & Lynn Of Fifi Venezia

    The mamas behind the cult velvet shoe brand.
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  • elle-strauss_mother-mag_nicki-sebastian-photography-47

    Meet Elle Strauss

    The stylist, editorial director, and mama of two invites us over.
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  • Photographed by Britney Gill

    Meet Adele Tetangco

    The co-founder of Garmentory and mama of two.
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  • Scosha_MotherMag_Lead

    Meet Scosha Woolridge

    The Brooklyn-based jewelry designer shows us her home.
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  • Photographed by Victoria of My Motherhood Storybook

    Pregnancy Style: Elise Peterson

    Meet the writer, artist, and mama-to-be.
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  • Photographed by Vanessa Mona Hellmann

    Natalie Bowen Brookshire

    The florist and mama of baby girl Friday opens up her S.F. home.
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  • mimislater_mothermag_oct2017-21

    Meet Mimi Slater Of COS Bar

    The beauty-lovin' mama talks luxe beauty & shows us her Dallas home.
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  • Photographed by Maria Del Rio

    Meet Cristina Palomo-Nelson

    The Freda Salvador designer invites us over.
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  • meredith-baird_mother-mag_nicki-sebastian-photography-56

    Meet Meredith Baird

    The queen of coconut invites us over.
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  • lekfit_mother-mag-44

    Momboss: Lauren Kleban of LEKfit

    The celebrity-obsessed trainer talks business & motherhood.
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  • zenbunni_mothermag_nicki-sebastian-photography-86

    Bunni Nishimura of Zenbunni

    The chocolatier and mother-of-one invites us over.
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  • GG118880

    Momboss: Kate & Tal From BKR

    The cult-water bottle making duo talk juggling motherhood and business.
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