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Mother Hoods: Strolling Around S.F. With Colugo & Mimi Chan

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by

Photographed by Emily Scott

For many folks, San Francisco can be a tricky city to navigate. Which is why having a Mother Hoods tour guide can be a big help—especially if you have kids in tow. This time around, we’ve tapped tech entrepreneur Mimi Chan, the founder of Littlefund and mother to Liv, 4, and Ivy, 4 months, to show us her top family-friendly spots and solo-time locales around her Nob Hill neighborhood.

While Mimi pointed out her favorite haunts, she also took a slew of new Colugo products for a stroll (quite literally). From what we might dare call the coolest stroller we’ve ever seen (tie-dye anyone?), to an eye-catching leopard-print carrier for her newest arrival, and a matching stroller-bag-slash-fanny-pack, you’re sure to fall for these Colugo wares designed specifically for modern, on-the-go mamas like Mimi.

This post is brought to you by Mother + Colugo.

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