#TBT: Our Favorite Eighties Kids Commercials

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Patrice D’Agostino

9:00 am

Are you ready for a nostalgic moment? Over here at Mother we are having an ’80s flashback! And while there is much to love about being a child during this iconic decade—crimped hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers, slap bracelets—there’s nothing quite as memorable as all of those commercials hawking our favorite toys. So, to take a stroll down memory lane, we’ve collected 17 standout clips that will take you back to the simple days of talking stuffed animals, scented ponies, and catchy tunes. Take a look at our favorite ’80s kids commercials and have a few childhood-inspired giggles along the way.

My Buddy & Kid Sister

This dynamic sibling duo are quintessentially ’80s. We still know the commercial jingle by heart! Plus, no one can quite forget the eerie similarities between the My Buddy doll and the 80s horror film villain Chucky.

Cabbage Patch Kids

What’s not to love about baby dolls that hail from a cabbage patch? The concept is genius! These dolls were so loved they sent little ones and their parents into an epic frenzy.

My Little Pony

We’re trying to remember what was so special about these little ponies. They were colorful, scented, had long flowing hair, and that’s about it, but kids collected them by the dozens! And now they’re having a huge resurgence!


Popples were the ultimate two-fer toy (that’s two-for-one). A stuffed animal that doubles as a ball? Sign. Us. Up.

Jem and The Holograms

Don’t call them Barbies! Jem and the Holograms were the most epic, all-girls, ’80s hair band. Your coolest friends are probably still dressing up as them for Halloween.

Lite Bright

There’s nothing like using your creative expression to fashion your own personal night light. Of course, it wasn’t really a night light as much as a masterpiece of glowing peg art!


A female superhero? Yes, please! She-ra wasn’t just He-man’s sister. She was the “Princess of Power” saving lives with her intellect and transforming sword, all while wearing a killer outfit. How cool!

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite brought color to a colorless world with her vibrant group of friends. She really did make everyone happy!

Teddy Ruxpin

Sure, Teddy Ruxpin narrated awesome adventures with his friends, but what made him oh-so-cool was he’d play any tape popped into his cassette deck. So, not only did Teddy read, but he also sang some jazzy ’80s tunes!

Care Bears

Everyone had their own Care Bear to love. With so many special powers to choose from, which one was your favorite?

Easy Bake Oven

For the little Martha Stewart in every kid! We swear this gadget foresaw the onslaught of food bloggers, giving them their early culinary training wrapped in a small package.

Glow Worms

Killing two sleeping crutches with one stone, Glow Worms were the cuddly night lights that comforted many ’80s babies.

Pound Puppies

Teaching kids how to be humane from an early age, with this toy you could rescue a puppy from the pound and cuddle it all day long. How sweet!

Girl Talk “Date Line”

Couple a once favorite pastime—talking on the phone—with dating, and Girl Talk “Date Line” was the ultimate rubric for navigating the gossip scene. Who’s dating who and who’s totally into you was necessary info for life!

Nosy Bears

Isn’t this commercial jingle hilarious? If ever you were tired of simply snuggling with your teddy bear, Nosy Bears had a solution to that problem with noses full of hug worthy and playful fun.

Get in Shape, Girl!

There was something oh-so-right, but also so wrong about the concept behind this toy. Nonetheless, everything in this commercial—from the clothing, the workout moves, and tune—sends you right back to the ’80s.

Where’s the Beef?

A group of old ladies announcing that the beef is missing is funny for more reasons than one!

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