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Surviving The Day After: Energy Tips That Work

Written by Rebekah Cook

Photography by Photography by James Kicinski-McCoy

Whether it’s a sick kid, new baby, or a late date-night-out, most of us moms do not get to press the snooze button come morning time. Long-gone are the days when just showing up to class was enough—you have to tend to your offspring, keep all of the appointments on your calendar, close the deal, etc. Here’s a few practices we’ve learned to help you stay as alert and attentive as possible throughout your day.

Take a Shower
Seems like a funny thing to recommend, but lots of mom’s bump this item from the to-do list often. Not only are showers refreshing and provide a moment of much-needed alone time, if you turn up the heat, you can benefit from steaming effects. Heat allows your muscles to relax and reduces tension. Try taking a hot, steamy shower, and then rinsing the conditioner from your hair with cold water for a nice pick-me-up. It’s crazy how a quick shower can make you feel recharged when you’re feeling blah!

Do Some Inversions
At this point, everyone is probably aware that exercise increases energy. Adding some inversions (any pose that will get your heart over your head) have added benefits that can help you in your sleepless-state. Gravity provides your brain with more oxygen which increases mental function and improves concentration, memory, and processing abilities. Inversions can also work to calm the nervous system producing calm feelings and help keep stress at bay. They also work to remove toxins and boost our immune system to help keep us healthy when we aren’t getting enough sleep. Try any of the following and hold for 30 seconds or more: headstands, assisted shoulder stands, handstands, downward dog, and holding legs up on the wall.

Eat Greens and Stay Away from Sugar
The classic coffee and donuts combo actually doesn’t work in your favor when you’re in need of energy and stamina. Try adding plenty of greens to your diet: in a juice, a smoothie, or big salad. All greens have and give “light energy” (as opposed to heavy or grounding energy). They will also help to combat the urge to succumb to coffee, sugar, and comfort foods to try to increase stamina, as these items have the opposite effect and can leave you feeling more tired than you already are. We’re not saying you can’t have coffee, please do! Just make sure it’s not the only thing you are consuming.

Get Dressed and Get Out
Don’t stay in your pajamas. It’s just a continual reminder that you are not sleeping. Get dressed, put on makeup, and dress for the energy you want to have, even if you don’t have it. Once dressed, get outside. Not only will it help soak in some extra Vitamin D for immune boosting benefits, but being outside can help increase your quality of sleep when you finally get to hit the pillow. Being in the sunlight can also help reset our internal clocks and work to help normalize hormonal functions that occur at specific times of the day, and as parents, it’s quality of sleep, not quantity.

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