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Mother Stories

Meet Erica Tanov, Berkeley-Based Designer And Mom Of Teens

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Michelle Drewes

While we love seeing new mothers with their itty-bitty offspring, there’s something about watching a more seasoned mama lovingly interacting with her older kids that makes us feel instantly inspired. This was definitely the case when we walked into the Berkeley abode of fashion and textile designer Erica Tanov. The supremely talented mother to Isabelle, 18, and Hugo, 12, radiates warmth and hospitality, so it’s no surprise her children seem to be the spawn we all dream of having: sweet, curious, well-spoken, and filled with love for eachother and their mother. Plus, all the warm-fuzzies aside, their house ain’t too shabby either, featuring textile-covered walls, interesting trinkets everywhere, and a killer view of the Golden Gate bridge in the distance. This, our friends, is the stuff boho fantasies are made of. Click and enjoy!

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