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Photographed by Julia Hirsch
Mother Stories

Erin Hazelton on Life After Breast Cancer

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by

Photographed by Julia Hirsch 

If you spotted Erin Hazelton strutting the streets of NYC, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking she’s got it made—a designer wardrobe to die for (thanks in part to her years covering the runway shows as a fashion journalist), a stunning—and spacious—NYC apartment, celeb girlfriends on speed dial, and two precocious little kids. But spend more than five minutes chatting with this warm and honest mama, and you’ll quickly find out there’s been plenty of bumps in the road along the way. At 37-years-old she got the phone call no one expects and everyone dreads—she had cancer. It’s been just over a year since her diagnosis, and we were so grateful to be invited into Erin’s home and have her share what the last 18 months have been like for her and her family—from the hardest moments, to the most precious—and how she has adjusted to her new life and her new perspective. Click through the slideshow below to read all about her inspiring journey.

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