Fun and Free Activities for 4th of July

Written by

Leith Tigges

12:00 pm

Fourth of July—the peak of this hot and humid season we’re experiencing, and the ultimate summertime celebration! Fireworks, cookouts, popsicles. There’s little not to love about this nation-wide holiday. The best part yet? Just about every activity associated with this festive occasion is one that the whole family can get in on! It’s the perfect time to start annual traditions, celebrate with extended family, or get to know your neighbors. Just take a look at our list of free activities to do this year, below. No matter where you dwell in the U.S. of A, your Independence Day is sure to be one bursting with red, white, and blue, and fun for the entire family. 

1. Start by teaching your kids the meaning behind Independence Day: It can be easier to enjoy a holiday if you understand it’s meaning and history! Have a quick conversation with your kiddos about the meaning behind this special day, and what exactly makes it so special.

2. Bake red, white, and blue treats to share with neighbors and loved ones: Start with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, pile on vanilla ice cream to make a tasty cookie sandwich, then finish it off by rolling the sides of each sandwich in patriotic sprinkles! Be sure to place in the freezer for a bit before serving.

3. Make a creative Fourth of July craft: If you have tin cans, a glue gun, streamers, and some paint, then you’re all set for this kid-friendly Fourth of July activity! Paint the tin cans blue, use stencils to add stars, and attach red and white streamers to the bottom to make for a great homemade windsock.

4. Sketch some festive, patriotic chalk art: Trek out to the sidewalk or your driveway and sketch up some fun themed chalk art! The Statue of Liberty, fireworks, and Uncle Sam can be colorful additions for your neighborhood to enjoy.

5. Make a Fourth of July snack: Don’t you think snacks taste better when they’re themed? We do, too! Spruce up an otherwise ordinary graham cracker by topping it with Cool Whip, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

6. Print out Independence Day-themed activity pages: What’s better than a fun brain teaser to decorate the fridge? One that’s holiday-themed! The internet is filled with decorative and free coloring pages, word searches, and puzzles. Take advantage!

7. Put together a Fourth of July scavenger hunt: Organize a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt with the kids right in your own backyard! Put together a list of items to search for, like something red, something blue, an American flag, and sparklers.

8. Cook up a Fourth of July-themed family breakfast: Start the holiday off right by whipping up a batch of homemade waffles to decorate with patriotic toppings as a family, or make refreshing yogurt parfaits layered with berries and granola. Yum!

9. Put together a Fourth of July photo booth: Drape a red or blue curtain in the house or yard for a makeshift photo booth background, and grab a few props to make for some holiday photos! Bright red sunglasses, a Statue of Liberty crown, and an Uncle Sam-themed bowtie are sure to make for some memorable mementos!

10. Decorate bicycle wheel spokes with colorful pipe cleaners: Help your child weave red, white, and blue pipe cleaners through their bicycle wheel spokes for a festive effect, while they ride along the sidewalks. Get creative and let your kids use their imaginations. Just be sure to watch out for any bike chains or gears!

11. Watch a patriotic movie as a family: Snack on a Fourth of July-themed snack while you and the family tune in to a celebratory, yet educational flick or TV show! Schoolhouse Rock, Liberty’s Kids, and National Treasure are all great options.

12. Craft a Fourth of July garland: Cut colorful stars from construction paper or string together a red, white, and blue paper chain to drape along your front porch or fireplace mantel. Decorate with stickers, streamers, and tassels—get creative!

13. Make edible “sparklers”: This delicious treat has a salty base—pretzels. Drizzle white chocolate along pretzel rods and dot with red and blue M&M’s. Chill in the refrigerator until the chocolate sets.

14. Indulge in an Independence Day appetizer: Red and blue tortilla chips are a decorative crowd-pleaser alongside fresh pico de gallo! You might get a little hungry while decorating and watching movies with the family, so whip up this quick snack that’s as festive as it is delicious!

15. Put together a picnic basket to enjoy during a local fireworks show: Pack up a basket of some delicious and nutritious bites to tote along to the park, or your local fireworks show. Added bonus: Bring along some brown or white butcher paper so the kids can color their own patriotic placemats on the picnic table!

16. Have the kids design their own personal flag: Get the creative juices flowing with construction paper, crayons, and markers, and let the kids go to town designing their very own flag. What shapes will the flag include? Will a picture be included? The kiddos get to decide, and they’re sure to love this collaborative activity!

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