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How To Share Your Kid Pics With The Tech Averse

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Kidpost

When it comes to social media, we’re obviously not shy over here at Mother. In fact, we embrace the medium, especially for how easy it makes keeping in touch with our far-flung extended family and friends.

But we also know (and partially understand) folks who are Instagram- and Facebook-averse, avoiding social networks at all costs, either because they are too confusing and taxing to keep up, or because of privacy issues.

The only issue is, it can be a trying experience to keep up with friends who aren’t following your constantly updated digital life (and vice versa). An email filled with a million space-sucking photos? Not our cup of tea.

Thankfully, there’s now an app…err, hashtag, for that! Meet Kidpost, a service that takes all of your daily updates (provided, you update daily) and sends an email out to your friends and fam that aren’t on your social networks, but still crave the kiddie pics! All you have to do is tag your desired posts with #kidpost and that image, as well as anything else you hashtagged that day, will arrive in their inbox, without any extra step on your part.

Like what you hear? Sign up for Kidpost, which is currently in BETA, right here. We promise, it takes about 2 minutes.

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