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14 Kids Books That Encourage Healthy Eating

Written by Ashley Koch

When we first met Ashley Koch of Vibrantly Healthy Kids, we knew she had a wealth of knowledge to spread when it comes to families eating healthier. Profiling her was just the start—we’ve also asked her to contribute some health-minded pieces to Mother, starting right here.

The experiences and information shared with kids in their early years can create healthy habits that last a lifetime. Research confirms that looking at picture books about fruits and vegetables with parents increases a child’s desire to eat and try these foods. So, while it’s important to feed children healthy food that nourishes their rapid growth, it is equally important to provide them with information that helps them understand why eating these foods helps their bodies. To get you started on building a bookshelf filled with page-turners that will help little ones build a connection between their bodies, health, and what they consume, we’ve culled 14 of our favorite kids books about food below. Look for them in your favorite local book store, online, or at your local library.

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