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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy


With Halloween being tomorrow, most of you already have your camera batteries charging, your trick or treat candy bowl stocked, and your little one’s costume prepped and laid out, ready for action. Some of you, however, are reading this in an absolute panic because you completely forgot about dressing up until just now. Or, maybe your “big kid” has come to the realization that they’re not too old for trick or treating like they told you last week, and now you have to somehow throw an idea together.

Not to worry parents, you’re not alone! First, take a deep breath, there’s still plenty of time. Creating a last-minute costume that your kid will truly love is definitely possible and perhaps more simple than you thought. Need proof? Just follow some of the ideas we’ve gathered below. You can complete an entire outfit using items you already have around your house or with a quick run to the store. So, whether your little one is wanting to be something funny, imaginative, or straight-up cool, these costumes will have you inspired!

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