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Photographed by Maria Del Rio
Mother Stories

Lena Corwin Invites Us In To Her Awe-Inspiring Abode

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Maria Del Rio

If you follow San Francisco-based creative Lena Corwin on Instagram, you already know her home (which the family renovated over nearly 2 years), is the stuff of artsy, minimalist dreams. And—we have to break it to you—it exceeds expectations in the flesh. Thanks to the textile designer’s expert eye in finding the perfect unexpected hues and interesting shapes and lines, her Outer Sunset abode is one of our favorites we’ve featured yet. Of course, this profile isn’t just about the house (although clearly it’s a beautiful one), we’re also equally inspired by Lena’s multitude of creative pursuits (See Sun, Peace Towel, a couple books, etc.), her passion for raising her two boys (Eli, 7, and Abe, 3), and her commitment to activism in today’s trying times.

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