The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:50 pm

Photo via Time

Meet Mattel’s new gender-neutral doll. (Time)

What gender reveal ceremonies mean—and look like—in 2019. (The Atlantic)

Should stay-at-home parents be paid? (The New York Times)

A more nuanced version of black motherhood has finally come to T.V. (A.V. Club)

This is Amazon’s best-selling baby costume for Halloween. (Amazon)

A sexist children’s song begging “Mommy don’t go to work” prompts outcry in China. (The Guardian)

What makes a “good parent”? (The New York Times)

Amy Schumer shares a throwback pic of discovering she was pregnant. (Instagram)

Beyoncé dressed as Lisa Bonet for a Halloween party, and Zoë Kravitz is feeling it. (Teen Vogue)

The unnecessary reinvention of the college library. (The Atlantic)

How to have a baby and still get shit done. (The New York Times)

Malika Haqq is pregnant. (Instagram)

Japan Airlines offers a way for guests to avoid sitting by babies on flights. (The New York Times)

Ricky Martin and his husband are expecting their fourth child. (People)

Motherhood Maternity launches its Nu Nudes nursing and maternity bras, finally making “skin colored” bras for all skin tones. (Yahoo! Finance)

New research expands on that “Dads Are Happier Than Moms” study, and it uncovers just what we thought it would. (Medical Express)

Gwyneth says parenting is great, but sometimes kids can be dicks. (People)

The pressure to breastfeed can hurt moms, and doctors are finally realizing it. (HuffPost)

Turns out Juul has been targeted at teens from the start. (Mother Jones)

A small step forward for a lesbian couple in Israel  looking to legally establish their rights as parents. (Haaretz)

Ford highlights how to drive safely while pregnant. (KTLA)

When teens drive teens, accident rates increase. (Contemporary Pediatrics)

Scientists have found air pollution particles in pregnant women’s placentas. (Vox)

Watch Greta Thunberg’s full speech to world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit. (YouTube)

Given the state of the world, is it irresponsible to have kids? (T Magazine)

The Air Force will now allow pregnant aircrew to perform their duties without a medical waiver. (Stars and Stripes)

Turns out prehistoric babies were bottle-fed with animal milk more than 3,000 years ago. (BBC)

One mother on loving her c-section. (New York Times)

Jim Gaffigan’s hilarious commentary on co-sleeping with his (5!) kids. (People)

The CEOs redefining motherhood, work, and breastfeeding. (Forbes)

This is the c-section capital of America. (U.S. News and World Report)

The 8 beauty products Latinxs swear by thanks to their moms and abuelas. (Teen Vogue)

How much is too much penis grabbing for a 5-month-old? (Slate)

A dog owner gives a beloved pet and her 5 newborn pups a maternity photo shoot. (Facebook)

A story of growing up in the U.S. undocumented. (Teen Vogue)

Baby Archie makes a surprise appearance during his parents’ royal tour of South Africa. (People)

If I’d listened to my dad’s financial advice, I’d be 3x richer. (Business Insider)

Kid chess champions on how the game has enriched their lives. (The Atlantic)

A disturbing installation in NYC show how much synthetic dye kids are consuming. (Forbes)

Yale’s first female students remember the year the university went co-ed. (The Atlantic)

These mysterious vessels are among the world’s oldest baby bottles. (Science)

How college changes the parent-child relationship. (The Atlantic)

The Amazon Alexa increases its child privacy options. (Cnet)


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