Are You A “Millennial Mom”?

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:30 am

Photographed by Maria Del Rio

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 32 and have a kid (or are expecting), you’re what marketers describe as a “Millennial Mom.” Now, whether you view yourself with that title or not (83% of new babies in the U.S. are born to millennials), is another thing.

Either way, it’s interesting to see how this particular mother differs from past generations, which is the insight BabyCenter and the Interactive Advertising Bureau looked to glean through their 2015 State of Modern Motherhood Report, in which thousands of mothers were interviewed.

While there are lots of takeaways from the report, here are eight findings about Millennial Moms via BabyCenter:
-While watching TV, while grocery shopping, and even during those middle-of-the-night nursery visits, they tend to have their smart phones in hand. Their sites of choice? Pinterest, Instagram, and online parenting communities.
-The study found that 61% of Millennial Moms were unmarried at the time they welcomed their babies. That’s not to say they’re all on their own, though. Sixty-two percent revealed that dads were pitching in, too.
-Perhaps due in part to the rise of social media, 64% of moms say that parenting is more competitive today than it used to be, with 3 out of 4 admitting that it’s important to try to be a “perfect” mom. Interestingly, that number is higher among stay-at-home moms.
-According to Millennials, the “Perfect Mom” is organized, educated, fit, and focused on family but still able to hold down a good job. Oh, and she’s a good cook to boot.
-Millennial Moms reported that their values underwent a pretty profound shift post-baby. Fitness, friends, and time for herself—among other things—take a back seat to family, financial security, and her child’s well-being.
-Millennial moms spend an average of $13,000 per year on their kids, so it’s no wonder they’re a sought after market. Motherhood impacts spending habits, with moms being more focused on organic foods and natural remedies after baby.
-The study found 65% of moms with kids aged 6 years old and under work outside of the home, making them twice as likely to “bring home the bacon” than their own mothers were.
-Eight out of ten moms who were surveyed said that motherhood is exhausting…but fun.

Millennial Mom or not, do you relate to the findings of this study? For more stats, you can check it out in full here.

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