10 Important Lessons I’ve Learned From My Mother

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy
10:00 am

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We’ve all heard the saying “mother knows best” and while that may not always ring true for every situation, we have to admit that there are definitely instances where we find ourselves thinking, “damn, mom was right—again!” We’ve asked ten of our friends to share their most important lessons learned from their mothers, because we’re betting we can all steal some tips from our mom’s playbook.

Elise, 36, Houston, TX – “The most important thing I’ve learned from my mother is to stop what you’re doing and play with your kids every day. It’s easy to get so caught up in what you’re doing that they get brushed aside. When they are grown they won’t remember if there were some dishes in the sink or if all the socks were folded, but they will remember all the times you played with them.”

Cary, 38, Brooklyn, NY – “The biggest lesson I learned from my mama was to tackle each day with passion, energy, and enthusiasm.”

Ashley, 32, Atlanta, GA – “That I can do anything! Whether it was changing my major and deciding to go to art school after three years of pyschology classes or when I quit my full-time job to start my own company, she’s always been there to support my decisions and be my number one cheerleader. I never heard ‘no’ growing up when it came to my ideas and I feel like that’s a big part of why I have such an entrepreneurial spirit to this day. She always encouraged me to follow my whim and trust myself.”

Brooke, 34, Nashville, TN – “I wouldn’t say that my mom necessarily taught me this. It was something that made a lot of sense as I became an adult and in watching my friends become mothers. Being a parent is mostly about balance and never losing that sense of self. Honoring your personal time and space as well as making time to spend with your partner. I was raised by a hard-working single mother. I don’t remember her making time for herself and I hardly remember her enjoying anything besides being with me and my brother. I think I always wanted that for her. As a family unit, I think we would have benefited greatly from her taking time for herself to do the things that she loved. Her dedication to me and my brother was always apparent. I hope when I become a mom that I am still Brooke—loyal, honest, jewelry-loving, hard-working, karaoke-singing, Brooke.”

Marie, 24, San Diego, CA – “Boys will tell you anything you want hear to get you to sleep with them.”

Abi, 37, London, England – “My mum taught me about the freedom of independence as a woman. She gave me the emotional tools to stand on my own two feet and create my own story, dreams, and adventures. I was taught to use my voice and independence for those who had no voice and those who were unable to live in independent freedom.”

Laura, 31, Nashville, TN – “The most important thing my mom taught me is to always, no matter what, stand up for what I believe in.”

Nicole, 34, Oakland, CA – “I am still letting this lesson sink in, but now that I am a mom, it rings more true everyday. ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’ is something she has always said to me and it is usually followed by a loving mother’s praise: ‘You are beautiful. You’re a great mom. You are strong.’ She is right, we should all go easier on ourselves and repeat those mother’s praises to ourselves on the regular.”

Jenna, 39, Portland, OR – “My mama taught me to treat everyone with love and respect, no matter what your walk of life, and no matter what mistakes you may have made—to treat everyone with dignity and care for our fellow human beings.”

Hope, 26, Chicago, IL – “My mom always told me that your friends mirror who you are, which has always stuck with me and made me really conscious of who I surround myself with.”

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