The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
10:00 am

Photo Via Instagram/Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake confirms Jessica Biel is pregnant. (People)

Why kids don’t walk to school anymore. (The Atlantic)

Children reenacting Best Picture Oscar nominees. (Rolling Stone)

The vaccination debate is breaking up friendships. (Slate)

Also, the psychology behind why some kids go unvaccinated. (NPR)

A deleted scene from the Parenthood finale that will most likely make you cry. (Time)

Three things you should never say to a kid. (Psychology Today)

When messiness and motherhood don’t mix. (Decor8)

Retail guru Mickey Drexler has his eyes set on Madewell. (New York Times)

How things have changed for teens since the Saved By The Bell days. (Time)

A single dad is making headlines after attending a cosmetology school in order to figure out how to do his daughter’s hair. (ABC)

Why people were so damn obsessed with Beanie Babies. (Slate)

A study says trans kids aren’t confused about their gender identities. (Advocate)

Patricia Arquette says her sex drive was hit hard by becoming a parent. (Daily Mail)

Are atheist parents doing a “better” job at raising their kids? (Jezebel)

The thirty-six questions you should ask…if you don’t want to fall in love. (The New Yorker)

A sad verdict against a breast-feeding mother. (Slate)

Ashlee Simpson is having a baby girl. (People)

Kanye’s “dad dance moves.” (The Cut)

When working from home means you’re working more. (The Atlantic)

A dad allows his child to turn his doodles into tattoos. (Buzzfeed)

Ryan Reynolds says his and Blake Lively’s baby is not named Violet, among other things. (People)

Five things successful parents know about kids and money. (Forbes)

A group of teenagers answer a group of questions…50 years apart. (HuffPo)

A video clip compiling babies’ crazy faces while riding through tunnels. (Today)

Advice for mom entrepreneurs. (Inc.)

Kate Winselt says she’d rather be “happy and well fed” than loose the baby weight. (People)

The father of the birth control pill has died. (SFGate)

Kanye tells Ellen his family has made him a better person. (People)

Shakira had a second son, and named his Sasha. (People)

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