The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
4:30 pm

Photo Via Le Fashion

The Jenna Lyons x J.Crew era is over. (The New York Times)

Ford designed a simulator that makes your baby think he’s in a car. (Auto Trader)

The benefits of having kids later in life. (The New York Times)

Muslim babies likely to outnumber all others by 2035. (The New York Times)

Which brands today’s teens think are the coolest. (Spin)

Amazon to refund $70M of in-app purchases made by kids. (The Atlantic)

When asking someone if they’ll be having another baby is extra loaded. (The Cut)

Jenna Jameson had a baby girl she named Batel Lu. (Instagram)

Becoming a step mother. (The New York Times)

Do British babies really cry more than others? (The Guardian)

A new book on “why whupping children won’t save Black America.” (Slate)

Anne Hathaway on her son’s rainbow-themed first birthday party. (InStyle)

A mother of an autistic child praises Sesame Street‘s newest character. (The New York Times)

Jimmy Fallon, his wife, and two daughters on the red carpet. (People)

10 things aspiring mom bosses can learn from motherhood. (Mind Body Green)

Picnics, a history. (The Atlantic)

A link between anti-vaccination and kids dying of the flu. (NBC)

In praise of “reflective parenting.” (Salon)

A rare glance at Alicia Keys’ youngest, Genesis. (People)

Kaia Gerber on what her mom Cindy Crawford has taught her. (Glamour)

Why Boss Baby (and movies like it) can be painful for foster kids and adopted children. (The New York Times)

The picture book behind Boss Baby the movie. (NPR)

Nevada lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would place baby-changing tables in both men’s and women’s restrooms. (KTNV)

The highs and lows of teens’ Instagram use. (U.S. News & World Report)

Molly Sims on raising 3 under 5. (People)

Discrimination and a Haitian Creole–English dual-language school in Boston. (The Atlantic)

Some cute bedtime stories to consider. (Reading My Tea Leaves)

Arizona’a law linking diaper changes and child molestation ruled unconstitutional. (Slate)

The scary Alt Right curriculum. (The Atlantic)

Score 20% off some of our favorite textiles today through 4/14 with the code SPRINGBREAK2017. (Jenny Pennywood)

Snooping on your teen, yay or nay? (The New York Times)

Nearly 10% of pregnant American women who contracted the Zika virus had children or fetuses with birth defects. (Fortune)

Today’s U.S. teens don’t want to work in offices. (Market Watch)

Jesse Eisenberg out and about with his newborn son. (Daily Mail)

A Backstreet Boy is father to a new baby girl named Lyric Dean. (People)

Millennials want more traditional relationships than Nineties teens. (Slate)

Should toddlers (or anyone) chew gum? (The New York Times)

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