The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
3:30 pm

Photo Via W Magazine

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper welcomed their daughter, Lea De Seine. (People)

What Betsy DeVos needs to know about diversity in schools. (Salon)

How to leave your job to spend more time with your kids. (Harvard Business Review)

Dove’s new #RealMoms campaign features a trans mom. (Teen Vogue)

Julian Lennon wrote a children’s book. (Amazon)

Loneliness begets loneliness—here’s how to break the cycle. (The Atlantic)

Janet Jackson, who just split with her husband, is spotted for the first time with 3-month-old baby Eissa. (The Mirror)

Trump signed a law to give states the option to deny Planned Parenthood funding. (NPR)

How a hospital’s design could affect your chances of having a C-section. (Slate)

Watch parents and their trans children read powerful affirmations. (The Scene)

Meet the “Stoner Mom.” (KHOU)

Gwen Stefani is designing eyewear for kids. (People)

Babies cost a lot more per year than millennial parents think. (USA Today)

New Mexico is no longer allowed to shame kids or make them do labor if they show up without lunch money. (Slate)

Explaining the death of a pet to your kids. (Salon)

Sienna Miller on seeking work-life balance. (Los Angeles Times)

Good news for pregnant women with dogs. (ABC)

Our beautiful photographer Nicki, playing dress-up in Dôen. (Dôen Journal)

The top baby names British folks regret naming their kids. (Today’s Parent)

Helping get low-income, minority youth into Silicon Valley. (The Atlantic)

Kids are more likely to stand up to bullies when their parents tell them to. (Reuters)

A gay stay-at-home dad opens up about postnatal depression. (The Independent)

Taking a hot bath supposedly burns as many calories as a 30-minute walk. (The Atlantic)

The importance on black teachers. (NPR)

Charlize Theron on motherhood and sibling love. (E!)

How one big company battles “motherhood bias.” (Inc.)

Anne Hathaway on not aspiring to being a perfect mom. (People)

Hoda’s about to come back from maternity leave. (Today)

Kids are better readers today than they were a decade-plus ago. (USA Today)

The Hills star Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are expecting their first child. (People)

Richard Branson sees the power in thinking like a toddler. (Virgin)

PBS Kids marks Autism Awareness Month with characters on the spectrum. (HuffPo)

How crying babies and sleep deprivation affect household income. (The Telegraph)

Amazon’s new tool to help parents monitor their kids’ tablet use. (SF Gate)

What Spring Break looks like when you’re Pink. (Instagram)

Maybe try it: Emails to your toddler. (NPR)

Scarlett Johansson says motherhood hasn’t changed her working life. (Celebretainment)

Anne Geddes has a nursery paint lne. (Walmart)

R.I.P. “Dave’s mom.” (The New York Times)

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