The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
5:00 pm

Photo Via Toddlehood

Recreating the best Met Gala looks…on kids! (HuffPo/Toddlehood)

Mother turned 3! Peep our anniversary celebration over on the hashtag #motherturnsthree. (Instagram)

The psychological shift of becoming a mother. (The New York Times)

Zooey Deschanel had a baby boy and named him Charlie Wolf. He joins big sis Elsie Otter. (People)

The March For Moms is going down in DC this weekend. (March for Moms)

A health care bill that’s bad for moms and babies. (The New York Times)

Why you should dig up old pictures of your mother—ASAP. (The New York Times)

Beyoncé’s publicist hits back at the haters criticizing her fuller lips during pregnancy. (People)

And Bey’s pregnancy style parade continues. (Beyoncé)

What mornings with Mother’s co-founder look like. (The Chalkboard Mag)

Tinder for mom dates. (The New York Times)

Inside a multiage classroom. (The Atlantic)

Shonda Rhimes’ powerful award acceptance speech at Planned Parenthood. (Variety)

The hidden penalty of motherhood and what it costs us. (Money)

Mia Tyler welcomed a son, Axton Joseph. (Instagram)

Have you entered our #WhatMamaREALLYWants giveaway yet? (Mother)

Embryo jewelry is a thing. (Slate)

Babies with involved fathers learn faster. (BBC)

Nine ways to cultivate courage in kids. (U.S. News & World Report)

Channing Tatum’s emotional letter to his daughter. (Cosmo)

Four lesbian couples in Tennessee are suing the state for violating their parental rights. (Slate)

A dozen ways to prepare your kids to lead happy, successful lives. (Entrepreneur)

When chess champions are born from an after-school program. (NPR)

Trump’s plan to not teach kids about climate change. (The Washington Post)

How Pixar lost its way. (The Atlantic)

Hoda’s daughter Haley Joy made her first Today show appearance. (People)

A study finds babies can sort colors before they learn the words for them. (Live Science)

An argument for getting your teen an adult mentor this summer. (The New York Times)

Amazon and Snapchat are the most popular apps for tweens and teens. (CNBC)

How Indiana holds private schools accountable. (The Atlantic)

Behind the scenes at one mama-owned and mama-operated business. (Tubby Todd)

Research says dogs help kids with stress. (NY Daily News)

A Texas bill that allows adoption agencies to discriminate on religious preferences. (The Atlantic)

Six cooperative board games for kids who hate to lose. (Today’s Parent)

Songs that remind you of mom. (NPR)

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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