The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

Photo Via ABC

Barack Obama on being a feminist, for his daughters and himself. (Glamour)

Also, Obama’s summer playlist. (The White House)

Bar Refaeli had a girl and named her Liv. (People)

Becoming a parent after 50. (The New York Times)

Hillary Clinton’s use of motherhood as a presidential credential. (U.S. News and World Report)

Fewer women are having babies than ever before. (The Atlantic)

Having a boy or girl might depend on how many calories mom is consuming. Really? (The New York Times)

Megan Fox and Bryan Austin Green had another boy and named him Journey River. (People)

The best and worst states to have a baby. (WalletHub)

Nearly 70% of teens admit to using apps while driving. (ABC)

Queer teens are four times more likely to commit suicide. (The Verge)

Italian women have finally won the right to an epidural. (Slate)

Molly Sims is expecting baby #3. (People)

Tragedy at a newborn nursery in Bagdad. (The New York Times)

The struggle of breastfeeding in public in China. (The Wall Street Journal)

Kanye dons daddy jewelry. (People)

Mom jeans are all the rage. Obvs you already knew that. (Quartz)

Some very cool graphics on U.S. baby name popularity from 1880 to today. For geeks like us. (Tableau Public)

Blake Lively on unfair post-baby bod expectations. (Yahoo)

Anne Hathaway on the same topic. (Instagram)

Why four lesbian would-be moms are suing in New Jersey. (The New York Times)

Kendall Jenner lands her first Vogue cover. (Vogue)

There’s two new s’mores-flavored Girl Scout Cookies arriving in 2017. (Slate)

Maybe don’t ask grandma to be your babysitter. (The New York Times)

Women are more satisfied with their body weight than they were in the ’80s. (Slate)

Sasha Obama, unlike a lot of other teens, scored a summer job. (The Boston Globe)

The power of cake in class in Denmark. (Salon)

Disney launches its own messaging app for kids and parents. (TechCrunch)

A study finds girls lose “intellectual strength” when they are asked to reflect on their appearance. (The New York Times)

The creator of “Odd Mom Out” on not fitting in. (The Wall Street Journal)

Jamie Oliver had his fifth child, and his oldest daughters cut the cord. (People)

The reality-blurring dangers of Pokemon Go. (Salon)

Peek into John Derian’s bedroom. (The New York Times)

Holly Madison had a baby boy. (People)

Why U.S. teens chose e-cigarettes. (U.S. News)

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