The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
10:27 am

Photo Via Vanity Fair

Thanks to the Olympics, Simone is likely to rise in the baby-name ranks. (USA Today)

What female leaders have in common (hint: it’s something we could all be doing at home). (The Atlantic)

Too many parents are still putting their babies to bed unsafely. (CBS)

Six marriage mistakes that’ll hurt your kids later on. (HuffPo)

How child-free people decide to not have kids. (NYMag)

Head injuries from stroller accidents on the rise. (The New York Times)

Shonda Rhimes on raising stubborn girls instead of “nice” girls. (Good Housekeeping)

What school-lunch rituals look like in Japan. (Tea Collection)

What’s your parenting objective: To be high-achieving or happy? (Salon)

Sugar doesn’t make kids hyper. (Live Science)

In praise of “slow” summers. (The Boston Globe)

Eddie Murphy, father of 9, on why he doesn’t do diaper duty. Um, okay. (People)

Candice Swanepoel might be naming her son Anacã, which means bird. (Daily Mail)

How to solve the environmental crisis through the food we feed our families. (Patagonia)

The allure of smoking for French teens. (NPR)

Is all parenting advice worthless in the end? (Vox)

Liv Tyler on post-baby body pressure. (People)

The importance of teaching your kid self-control. (The Atlantic)

Why fewer American women are having babies. (Washington Post)

Tiki Sumpter is having a girl. (People)

Have your kids pack their own damn lunch. (Treehugger)

The history of flame-retardant baby clothes. (BabyList)

There’s an Airbnb for boats. (Boatbound)

Gender-neutral baby names are on the rise. (The New York Times)

How Anthony Anderson bonds with his kids. (People)

Do you top off your kid’s food with salt? (The New York Times)

Terrence Howard and his wife named their son Hero. (People)

The disturbing rising maternity mortality rate in Texas. (Slate)

Do you write “I hope you’re well” in your emails? (NYMag)

When you share a picture of your kids online, this is what can happen to it. (The Boston Globe)

Trying to keep your freshman safe at college…without being annoying. (The New York Times)

Modern party supplies for a camp-themed kids party. (Harlow & Gray)

A weird (possibly sexist?) maxi-pad looking to be sold in the U.S. (Slate)

Nine traveling-with-kids mistakes that’ll make you miserable. (Men’s Journal)

Tylenol during pregnancy linked to behavioral issues in kids. (Seattle Times)

U.S. college kids drink more, smoke less than others. (Health Day)

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