The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:23 pm

Photo Via Vanity Fair

Michelle Obama wows in Gucci. (Vanity Fair)

Also: Michelle Obama, mother-in-chief. (Salon)

Being a “mom” has never been so cool. (Slate)

Meet Barbie’s new high-tech Dreamhouse. (Amazon)

Mick Jagger, 73, just became a new dad for the eighth time. (People)

Lake Bell is pregnant with her second. (People)

This is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017. (The New York Times)

The top 10 movies of 2016. (Slate)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher named their son Dimitri Portwood. (A-Plus)

Sad and true. (Vanity Fair)

How U.S. students stack up to those internationally. (The Atlantic)

Gifting your kids and the judgement that might go along with it. (Salon)

Kelly Rowland is writing a book about new motherhood. (The Boombox)

How movies helped one mom battle postpartum depression. (The New York Times)

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant welcomed their third daughter. (People)

Toca Boca debuts its Hair Salon 3 app today, featuring its most diverse group of characters yet. (iTunes)

The battle to understand what causes preterm birth. (CNBC)

The Man Repeller opens up about her recent miscarriage. (The Man Repeller)

These women face the steepest motherhood penalty. (Time)

What just a small delay in school start time can do for teens’ sleep. (Reuters)

Savannah Guthrie had a baby boy and named him Max. (People)

A.D.H.D. in preschool. (The New York Times)

Arkansas’ ridiculous bias against same-sex couples being listed as parents on their kids’ birth certificates. (Slate)

We’ve heard rave reviews about this Polar Express train ride. (California Railroad Museum)

A new bracelet that lets dads-to-be feel their baby’s kicks. (Daily Beast)

Mandy Moore on growing up with a gay mother and two gay brothers. (Byrdie)

Natalie Portman says she’s not as pregnant as she looks. (People)

Madonna on losing her mother at 5-years-old, Trump’s win, and more. (Billboard)

All the celebrity babies coming our way in 2017. (HuffPo)

Weighing the pros and cons of parenthood. (The Atlantic)

Children’s headphones and the risk of hearing loss. (The New York Times)

Parents spend just as much time on screens as teens. (CNN)

A fun paint-your-own-menorah party in NYC. (Arq)

OshGosh is using a toddler with Down Syndrome for its holiday ads. (CBS)

Nine teens on giving up their phones for a week. (Today)

How dwelling on problems can hinder bonding with your baby. (The Telegraph)

Katie Holmes on loving her 10-year-old, Suri. (The New York Times)

Teens are reading books via text thanks to this start-up. (Washington Post)

Giraffes are edging closer to extinction. (The Atlantic)

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