The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:00 pm

Lucia Tran, photographed by Morgan Pansing

Alabama signs the strictest anti-abortion law in the U.S., outlawing abortions in most all cases, even rape and incest. And they aren’t the only state setting up restrictions in order to go to the Supreme Court and challenge Roe v. Wade. (The Atlantic)

How to help women in states that are banning abortions. (GQ)

America’s baby bust continues, hitting a 30-year low in 2018. (Los Angeles Times, Time)

Arthur marks its 22nd season premiere with news that Mr. Ratburn is gay and getting married! (NBC, The Atlantic)

Kylie Jenner is looking to start a baby goods empire. (Fortune)

Why American moms can’t get enough parenting advice. (The Atlantic)

The global issue of low-birthweight babies. (CBS)

Kids are more excited to “do science” than “be a scientist,” and how this affects the STEM diversity gap. (The British Psychological Society)

Ciara reveals some beautiful, never-before-seen footage from the birth of her daughter in her new video, “Beauty Marks.” (People)

How breadwinner wives still suffer at home. (The Atlantic)

All about the “recess law” that was vetoed in Georgia. (People)

The North Carolina Attorney General is suing Juul for targeting teens. (NBC)

Which baby shower gift giver are you? (The New Yorker)

J.Lo’s daughter Emme impressively covers Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.” (Elle)

The power of preschool, especially for underprivileged children. (Quartz)

5 tips on raising “successful” kids. (Inc.)

Why the U.S. needs to invest in historically black colleges. (The Atlantic)

The impact of early sexual initiation on boys. (The New York Times)

Saying goodbye to “working mom guilt.” (Quartz)

One study finds 75% of women think motherhood has made them better leaders. (AP)

Trayvon Martin’s mother on creating community for women whose children have been killed by gun violence. (CNN)

How to turn your kids into bookworms. (The Guardian)

What it’s like to be a mother in prison. (TED)

7 pieces of maternal wisdom to help fuel your career. (Forbes)

The companies trying to make the workplace more flexible for parents and non-parents. (The New York Times)

3-D images of how a baby’s head changes during birth. (Smithsonian)

Tiffany Haddish to host the Kids Say The Darndest Things reboot. (Deadline)

Olli Ella launched a line of mommy-and-me dresses. (Olli Ella)

H&M launched a Mini-and-Me collection, too. (H&M)

A group of R&B legends on their motherhood experiences. (The Root)

Americans spent $25 billion on Mother’s Day 2019. (Quartz)

The newest iteration of Fitbit’s watch for kids is now on preorder. (Amazon)

How these 2020 candidates are taking motherhood on the campaign trail. (CNN)

Is the “advanced paternal age” also 35? (The Cut)

How the war on drugs keeps young black men out of college. (The Atlantic)

A trick for helping your kid put their shoes on the right feet. (Lifehacker)

RIP Peggy Lipton, actress and mother to Rashida and Kidada Jones. (USA Today)

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