The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:00 pm

Photo via Hulu

A weekend must-watch: Aftershock on Hulu takes a personal, heart-wrenching look at the Black maternal mortality crisis. (Hulu, Salon)

Renee Bracey Sherman tells Congress—and everyone watching—how to self-manage an abortion with pills at home. (Independent)

The mom who posted a viral video of her young Black daughters being intentionally ignored by a character at Sesame Place—which sparked several other parents to post about their similar experiences—speaks out. (CBS, YouTube, ABC)

The devastating story of Liza Dmitrieva, a 4-year-old killed in Ukraine. (The Guardian)

Greece banned “sex-normalising” surgeries on intersex babies and children up to 15-years-old. (Reuters)

The anger and heartbreak of Uvalde parents as more details are released about the mass school shooting. (Texas Tribune)

In an effort to distance themselves from transphobic author J.K. Rowling, the real-life sport of Quidditch rebrands as Quadball. (NPR)

Surprise! Misty Copeland had a baby boy (3 months ago) and named him Jackson. (People)

7 ways to help kids connect with nature on family road-trips. (MOTHER)

How Google’s data can help states track abortions. (Politico)

The House passed a bill to ensure access to contraception. (New York Times)

Contrary to reports, no Planned Parenthoods have closed since the Supreme Court ruling. (USA Today)

What to know about the parechovirus that is infecting babies and children across the country. (NBC)

The baby formula shortage has gotten worst for many parents. (Bloomberg, CNN, CBS)

What pregnancy and childbirth does to the bodies of young girls. (The New York Times)

The myth that American abortion laws are more permissive than Europe’s. (The Atlantic)

Bluey Season 3 will hit Disney+ on August 10. (TV Line)

Lalo and West Elm Kids teamed up for a chic high-chair and play table collab. (Lalo)

Hello Kitty x Tea Collection is here! (Tea Collection)

Over 50 adorable swimsuits for kids (on super-sale!). (MOTHER)

The risk and opportunity of online fertility groups. (The Atlantic)

How new U.S.-based formula companies Bobbie and ByHeart are dealing with the formula shortage. (New York Times)

The 2021 rise in U.S. births is likely a baby blip, not a boom. (NPR)

Girlfriend Collective just launched a stylish tennis wares collection. (Girlfriend)

Allbirds’ collection for kids, Smallbirds, is back and cuter than ever. (Allbirds)

Where to buy school uniforms for kids. (MOTHER)

New research finds social media is now most popular news source among teens in the U.K. (BBC)

One mom’s account of turning in her son after finding a journal that detailed a mass shooting he was planning. (GMA)

According to a Fortune survey of 1,000 college students, 60% are living with mental health disorders. (Fortune)

How to talk to your kids about sexting. (Meta)

Why some desperate parents in the Philippines are selling their babies online. (Vice)

How postmortem sperm retrieval in Israel is turning dead men into fathers. (Bloomberg)

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