The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

Photo Via Athleta

Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix signs with Athleta, after calling out Nike for maternity discrimination. (Fast Company, People)

Meghan Markle guest-edited the September issue of British Vogue, which includes parenting advice from Michelle Obama. (Harper’s Bazaar)

How smartphones are disrupting the connection between parents and babies. (Quartz)

Another mass shooting haunts the country. The youngest victim is 6. (L.A. Times)

How to join the Everytown For Gun Safety movement. (Everytown)

Can schools stop “lunch shaming” low income kids and still pay the bills? (PBS)

The mother who popularized the “gender reveal cake” is now having second thoughts, after raising a non-binary child. (NPR)

How to stay close to your friends without children. (The New York Times)

Frida Baby launched a new line of postpartum products—post-birth undies, ice packs, etc.—dubbed Frida Mom. (Amazon)

Also: Amy Schumer was there to celebrate the brand’s debut. (People)

Christina Milian is pregnant with baby #2. (Instagram)

Have you read your August 2019 horoscope yet? (Mother)

The hormonal rollercoaster that is weening. (The Cut)

Prince Harry says he wants two kids “maximum” for the sake of the planet. (CNN)

The “Woke Baby Book Fair” is going down in Brooklyn this weekend. (Brooklyn Paper)

The importance of engaging with black pregnancy/motherhood outside of mortality statistics. (Wear Your Voice)

Why Montessori-inspired wooden toys are all over your Instagram feed. (Mashable)

Mario Lopez is laying low after his transphobic comments about children. (Vulture)

An influential vlogger family is now selling plastic replicas of its baby. (Mashable)

Is sugar as bad for kids as it is for adults? (Time)

Cardi B on missing her daughter’s first steps. (ET)

The continued inequity in school funding. (The Atlantic)

Beds, floors, and football—the most dangerous products when it comes to kids and brain injuries. (Popular Science)

Why kids invent imaginary friends. (The Atlantic)

How to talk to your kids about LGBTQI+ issues. (Lifehacker)

After a father accidentally leaves his twins to die in a hot car, the big question is ‘How’? (The New York Times)

Eva Longoria on motherhood strengthening her passion for activism and philanthropy. (MSN)

The Baby Shark Kellogg’s cereal is almost here. (Thrillist)

A new study from the Netherlands finds older parents have it slightly better when it comes to well-behaved kids. (WebMD)

Teens are stressing about how much to relax this summer. (WSJ)

A study concludes children think bearded men are strong, but unattractive. (NPR)

The surprising history behind the Candy Land board game. (The Atlantic)

Netflix’s Otherhood movie, about three mothers of young adults, debuts this weekend. (TV Insider)

Living near oil and gas wells is linked to heart defects in babies. (The New York Times)

Turns out babies understand social hierarchies quite early on. (Newsweek)

Eva Chen on oversharing her kids on social. (Parade)

Why kid-themed videos might be suddenly flooding your YouTube feed. (Vulture)

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