The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:15 pm

Photo Via Time

How American teachers came to be so underpaid. (TIME)

What eight teachers are doing to cover their bills. (The New York Times)

Rihanna hired Slick Woods and another pregnant model to showcase her new lingerie designs to close out New York Fashion Week. Supposedly Slick went into labor right afterwards. (Harper’s Bazaar, Page Six)

The startling rates at which trans teens attempt suicide. (Reuters, Advocate)

Thomas The Train and the United Nations are partnering on a series about sustainability. (People)

A new study finds teens are less lonely and more confident thanks to social media. (TIME)

The importance of teacher diversity in schools. (The New York Times)

Why parents are turning “boys’ names” into “girls’ names.” (The Atlantic)

Teens speak out about their abortions. (Teen Vogue)

How to deal with screen time when it comes to babies, kids, and teens. (The New York Times)

When the child of a “free range parent” suffers a concussion. (The Washington Post)

Taking the shame out of sex ed. (Salon)

Badgley Mischka debuted a mommy-and-me gown line. (Daily Mail)

Lily Aldridge walked the runway while 5 months pregnant. (Harper’s Bazaar)

Why you should be talking to your toddler—a lot. (ABC)

The new “Seize The Awkward” campaign for Suicide Prevention Month. (AdWeek)

What a backpack says about a kid. (The Atlantic)

Kids on the campaign trail with their candidate moms. (The New York Times)

Why is college so expensive in the U.S.? (The Atlantic)

The health impact of undescended testicles. (The New York Times)

France’s “name police” is banning a couple from naming their son Amber. (The Local)

“Floating schools” in Bangladesh. (NPR)

1 in 3 teens text while driving. (Reuters)

Why kids are so prone to vomiting. (NPR)

Teens are protesting in-class presentations. (The Atlantic)

How to make sure your kid’s heavy backpack isn’t hurting them. (Popular Science)

Why educated parents produce educated kids. (Boston Globe)

Julianne Moore is still doing her college-aged kid’s laundry. (Town & Country)

A story of an abortion without regret. (The New York Times)

Ciara’s daughter’s got some moves already. (Instagram)

When motherhood makes you better at your job. (Forbes)

Treating middle school like a “dress rehearsal for life.” (Washington Post)

Overcoming your fear about your child and social media. (The Atlantic)

A small study exploring what cisgender kids think of their transgender peers. (The British Psychological Society)

A heartbreaking stillbirth story. (BBC)

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