The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:00 am

Photo Via The New York Times

Pregnant Amy Schumer poses naked and talks about her career and hyperemesis. (The New York Times)

A breakdown of the college admissions bribery scandal blowing up the news. (The Atlantic)

Google Docs is supposedly the favorite app of today’s teens. Here’s why. (The Atlantic)

How parenthood widens the gender pay gap. (World Economic Forum)

Why kids everywhere are skipping school today. (CNN)

Women around the world share their stories of miscarriage and child loss. (World Health Organization)

Seven ways to protect your children from sexual abuse. (Today)

There’s now a temporary global ban on gene-edited babies. (U.S. News & World Report)

A new Netflix documentary revisits one of the biggest missing-child cases in history. (The Atlantic)

Chance the Rapper and his new wife Kirsten Corley are expecting another baby girl this fall. (Instagram)

How to raise successful kids…without over-parenting. (TED)

The do’s and don’ts of sharing pictures of your kids online. (Mercury News)

The USPS will be debuting Sesame Street stamps later this year. Also, a T-Rex series. (USPS)

How the consequences of teen motherhood can last for generations. (The Atlantic)

Angelina and her kids, Thandie Newton and her daughter, and more celeb offspring hit the Dumbo premiere. (Harper’s Bazaar, The Root)

Why so many babies are getting their tongues clipped. (The Atlantic)

What young adulthood looks like in America, thanks to uber-involved parents. (The New York Times)

Kate Upton marked International Women’s Day with a breastfeeding selfie. (Instagram)

An NYC mom sued her nanny for feeding her baby formula. (The Cut)

32 tips for surviving and parenting crying babies on planes. (The New York Times)

How donkey therapy is helping kids with autism. (PBS)

A rare case of semi-identical twins. (The New York Times)

How Inuit parents control their anger and teach their kids to do the same. (NPR)

A study finds one-third of children aged 10-18 have back pain. (U.S. News & World Report)

Rothy’s launches cute slip-on sneakers for kids. (Rothy’s)

Meanwhile, Quip launches minimal electric toothbrushes for kids. (Quip)

Keira Knightley compares Paw Patrol to The Matrix. (People)

The stigma of choosing trade school over college. (The Atlantic)

Research shows the benefits of a nutrient supplement being given to breastfed premies. (BBC)

Rosie O’Donnell reveals she was sexually abused by her father. (Variety)

A deadly school shooting rocks Brazil. (BBC)