The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
4:30 pm

Photo Via Instagram

Amy Schumer hits back at the mom-shamers and showcases what new motherhood really looks like. (Instagram)

In his Morehouse College commencement speech, philanthropist and billionaire Robert F. Smith pledges to pay off student debt for the entire 2019 class. (The Atlantic)

Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix calls out Nike and other apparel companies for maternity discrimination. (People, The New York Times, Instagram)

Sesame Street debuts a muppet in foster care. (The Atlantic)

Inside the summer sleepaway camps for LGBTQ youth. (The New York Times)

News flash: Rich kids are enrolled in college 3 times the rate of poor kids. (The Atlantic)

Important information about girls and dating violence. (The New York Times)

Meet the modern, secular “godparent.” (The Atlantic)

This new “Dad Hoodie” includes pockets for diapers and bottles. (Forbes)

Is digital addiction a real threat to our kids? (The New York Times)

Thirdlove introduced a new nursing bra. (Thirdlove)

Maisonette launches an affordable in-house line of Maisonette Essentials. (Maisonette)

Lots of Americans now eat dinner on the couch or in bed. (The Atlantic)

Queen Elizabeth supposedly didn’t approve of Princess Diana being a hands-on mother. (Business Times)

How one woman’s miscarriage cured her fear of childbirth. (The New York Times)

Helping perfectionist kids accept failure. (Time)

Chevy launched a new feature that locks teens out of driving until they buckle up. (The Verge)

A coming-of-age film for Gen Z, directed by Olivia Wilde. (The Atlantic)

Kim Kardashian has filed trademark protections for her new son, Pslam West. (E!)

How schools can support homeless students. (NPR)

Tamron Hall on losing everything, and gaining much more. (People)

How freelancing parents can take maternity and paternity leave. (The New York Times)

Chic e-retailer Over the Ocean is saying goodbye and offering 40% off everything with the code THANKYOU. (Over The Ocean)

Are chilly offices affecting women’s productivity? (The Atlantic)

The gut-punch of becoming an orphan in your twenties. (The New York Times)

Trayvon Martin’s mother is running for political office. (NBC)

How to survive being a sports parent. (The New York Times)

Sesame Street and MetLife team up to teach kids ages 3-9 about money. (Fortune)

Enter the capitalism camp for kids. (The New York Times)

What children should know about sex. (CNN)

Cursive will make a return in Texas schools. (Houston Public Media)

How to “bully-proof” your kid. (The New York Times)

A “food pyramid” for kids and media consumption. (Wired)

Despite high obesity rates, the cholesterol levels of U.S. kids has improved. (NY Post)

There’s evidence on how to raise kids, but are parents listening? (The New York Times)

Parenting overworked and overstressed kids. (USA Today)

Is sleep regression real? (The New York Times)

Children of parents who use opioids are twice as likely to attempt suicide. (WebMD)

Settling into life with a college student who’s home for summer. (The New York Times)

Exercise might help teens sleep longer. (Science Daily)

Facing the ubiquity of Fortnite in our kids’ lives. (Wired)

Once L.A.’s air got better, cases of kids with asthma dropped. (NPR)

The other reasons—beyond “anti-vaxxers”—why kids aren’t getting vaccinated. (NPR)

A hospital in England helping bereaved parents. (BBC)

What one man found in his grandfather’s journal. (The Atlantic)

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