The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
2:20 pm

Photo Via Instagram/Alicia Keys

North Carolina introduced a bill that would force school staffers to out trans students. We shouldn’t expect these horrific attacks to stop anytime soon. (Slate, Advocate)

Suicidal thoughts are increasing in young kids. (NBC)

Biological fathers in Utah will soon be required to pay half of pregnancy-related medical costs. (NPR)

The biggest problem for America’s schools. (The Atlantic)

Does it hurt children to measure pandemic learning loss? (The New York Times)

Kehlani on raising her daughter around “loudly queer” loved ones. (The Advocate)

Alicia Keys on soaking up touchy-feely time with her young sons. (Instagram)

PBS Kids is introducing new characters to mark Autism Awareness Month. (USA Today)

Peep the drool-worthy West Elm Kids relaunch! (West Elm)

Touching portraits of Asian American love in a time of hate. (The New York Times)

Get to know the mother of two behind the new AAPI PSA In The Visible. (MOTHER)

A handful of DC creatives on parenting during a pandemic. (DCist)

A record number of unaccompanied minors are crossing the border. (NBC)

The desperate pleas of migrant parents searching for their kids. (The New York Times)

The dark side of Box Tops for Education. (The Atlantic)

Frozen embryo custody disputes are on the rise. (The New York Times)

U.S. tennis star Taylor Townsend had a baby boy, Adyn Aubrey. (Instagram)

Burt’s Bees mama and baby products got a fresh new look. (MOTHER)

Under The Influence podcaster Jo Piazza on becoming obsessed with mom influencers. (Marie Claire)

The largest study yet about the mysterious inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) affecting kids. (The New York Times)

Father-daughter TikTok duo Derek and Mimi are told to “go back to China” in a racist incident caught on video. (Next Shark)

Lawmakers call YouTube Kids a “wasteland of vapid, consumerist content.” (Time)

Kids are emerging as a bipartisan bridge in taking on social media giants. (Bangor Daily News)

30 things to do as a family to reduce your carbon footprint. (MOTHER)

How epidemiologists are planning to vacation with their unvaccinated kids. (The New York Times)

Dorothy Toy’s daughter remembers her dance star mother. (NPR)

Taking a chance on an “imperfect” pregnancy. (The New York Times)

What it’s like to raise a child with complex medical needs. (MOTHER)

How some in the professional biking industry are speaking out against Arkansas’ anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. (VeloNews)

Anxiety in new fathers is higher than previously reported. (Neuroscience News)

Anxiety in babies and toddlers is on the rise, too. (Marketplace)

The problem with “mom boss” culture. (Vox)

Kaitlyn Greenidge’s newest novel, Libertie, takes on the burden of family expectations, inspired by the life of Dr. Susan Smith McKinney-Steward—the third African American woman to earn a medical degree in the U.S. (NPR)

Meanwhile, Morgan Jerkins on her new novel Caul Baby, about a Black matriarch and the special gift she passes onto her family. (NPR)

Lauren Conrad has a new line of mommy & me clothing for Kohl’s. (Kohl’s)

How to apologize to a child. (The New York Times)

One mother of three on co-sleeping, anxiety, and pandemics. (MOTHER)

Many American students are accessing Zoom school from outside the country. (The New York Times)

Gal Gadot is endorsing this new parenting book. (Forbes)


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