The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

Photo Via Elle

Ashley Graham on cancelling mom shaming, giving birth, postpartum bodies, and much more. (Elle)

A photo of a nurse in Beirut carrying three newborns in a destroyed hospital goes viral. (CNN)

Ways to support Lebanon right now. (Instagram)

As gun violence in the U.S. surges, children are being caught in the crossfire. (AP)

How to get your kids into a learning mindset at home. (Brightly)

Michelle Obama admits she’s suffering from “low grade depression” on her new podcast. (CNN, The Michelle Obama Podcast)

Is this the beginning to the end of American racism? (The Atlantic)

Say her name: Yolanda “Shiphrah” Kadima, a Black mother and doula who tragically died shortly after c-section complications. (Instagram)

At least two Georgia teens were suspended after sharing pictures from their reopened school, showing crowds of kids, many without masks. (Washington Post)

Why parents should pause before sharing pics of their kids online. (The New York Times)

Kelis is pregnant with her third child. (Instagram)

Inside the colorful nursery of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s baby boy Beckett. (People)

A young father’s advice to other dads-to-be goes viral. (Instagram)

How the pandemic might change criticism of child-free folks. (The Atlantic)

The shadow behind Black mothers and their sons. (The New York Times)

More than 200 kids in Georgia tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a summer camp. (CBS)

The heartbreaking story of a Georgia teen who lost both parents to the virus. (USA Today)

Distance learning advice from homeschooling moms. (WBUR)

How to talk to your kids—from toddlers to teens—about wearing masks. (Healthline)

How White nationalists weaponize motherhood. (The Cut)

The health risks of pandemic pods and how to stay safe. (SF Chronicle)

Alarming stats around America’s child care crisis. (Center For American Progress)

Try out one of these kids’ art activities from The Mexican Museum. (The Mexican Museum)

The challenges polyamorous parents face. (The New York Times)

Katy Perry and her baby bump grace the cover of People. (People)

“The Bella Twins” Nikki and Brie gave birth to their baby boys less than 24 hours apart. (People)

How quarantine might be strengthening some mother-daughter relationships. (Healthline)

The division between child care centers and schools. (The New York Times)

Seven thoughts that make kids and teens feel horrible. (Psychology Today)

The story of a baby, born via surrogate, stranded in the U.S. (The Daily Beast)

Why working parenthood is a terrible deal at the moment. (BuzzFeed)

A new book explores postpartum psychosis. (TechnoCodeX)

A father’s roadtrip to go see Frederick Douglass’ hometown. (The Atlantic)

How the pandemic is deepening the motherhood penalty. (Forbes)

Charlize Theron on teaching her daughters about being single and happy. (People)

Chloe Sevigny is snapped while out on a stroll with her baby. (Daily Mail)

Alanis Morissette on her new album, motherhood, and more. (Buzzfeed)

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