The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
10:00 am

Photo via TMC Furniture

This beautiful baby-friendly, parent-friendly library in Virginia is getting major praise. (CBS, Twitter)

A study finds giving cash to low-income mothers is linked to increased brain activity in their babies. (Bloomberg, Time)

How Sesame Street is handling the pandemic. (The Atlantic)

Hearts go out to Regina King, who lost her 26-year-old son to suicide. (NBC, Us Magazine)

A beautiful story of the “passage to parenthood” from a 50-year-old father’s perspective. (New Yorker)

An incredible video of a baby born in an intact amniotic sac. (Upworthy)

Justice Sonia Sotomayor honors her mom in her brand-new book, Just Help! How to Build a Better World. (Amazon, NBC)

Stella McCartney designed a new outfit (a pantsuit) for Minnie Mouse for Women’s History Month. (Yahoo!)

An update on the federal student loan forgiveness program. (NBC)

Over half of women in the U.K. are turning 30 without children. (The Telegraph, The Guardian)

Why China’s young adults are resisting marriage and babies. (The Guardian)

A mother is suing Facebook and Snapchat after her 11-year-old daughter committed suicide. (Business Insider)

Another heartbroken mother’s story of her 10-year-old son’s suicide after racist bullying. (YouTube)

How social media has both helped and hurt Gen X mothers dealing with burnout and loneliness during the pandemic. (WSJ)

This is how abortion laws in the U.S. compare to other rich democracies. (The New York Times)

Why omicron is putting more kids in the hospital. (Scientific American)

One Florida district will no longer allow excused absences for kids staying home due to COVID. (NBC)

Meanwhile, a California bill would allow kids 12 and up to get vaccines without parents. (ABC)

The pandemic is leading to more surprise baby announcements. (The New York Times)

The story of one West Texas community that kept schools open all pandemic long. (The Atlantic)

Amazon’s As We See It provides an “incisive and emotional” look at autism. (NPR)

America is desperate for substitute teachers. (The Atlantic)

How parenthood changes your brain and makes you a better leader. (Inc.)

Parallel Mothers starring Penélope Cruz continues to get rave reviews. (ABC)

How Maid star Margaret Qualley played a mom so convincingly. (Yahoo!)

The redemption of the “bad mother” on screen. (The Atlantic)

When adoption is your first choice, not a “last resort.” (Yahoo!)

How artist Wendy MacNaughton’s viral virtual art class is helping kids. (NBC)

How to give children praise that leads to a growth mindset. (CNBC)

We love this sister-sister love story, now manifested into a book. (Laetitia Ky)

Some baby formulas are in shortage, once again. (CBS)

Less sleep in teens is linked to higher sugar consumption. (Discover)

Lisa Ling’s new HBO show celebrates the impact of Asian Americans on the U.S. food landscape and beyond. (YouTube, NBC)

Sweden is no longer recommending kids aged 5-11 get vaccinated. (Reuters)

Julia Stiles welcomed her second baby, a boy named Arlo. (Instagram)

What pre-teens were watching in the ’70s. (NPR)

The controversy over artificial wombs. (The Atlantic)


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