The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
11:05 am

Photo Via E!

Beyonce and Blue Ivy hit the Lion King red carpet. Also: an early review of the remake. (Instagram, The Atlantic)

A devastating IVF embryo mixup. (The Atlantic)

How to do less and achieve more. (The New York Times)

Turns out teen marijuana use dropped in states that legalized it. (U.S. News & World Report)

“Prison parenthood” (a.k.a. having babies behind bars) is on the rise in Mexico. (CGTN)

Some families are hiring coaches to raise phone-free kids. (The New York Times)

Big Dairy is getting teens to drink more milk via pop-up coffee shops at schools. (Today)

A mother’s heartbreaking testimony after her baby daughter died after getting sick in ICE custody. (NPR, C-Span)

Has American elementary education gone terribly wrong? (The Atlantic)

Kristen Davis on being a white mother raising black children. (People)

How to feed kids without resorting to “kid food.” (The Washington Post)

The Slack-ification of the American family. (The Atlantic)

Slime as a stress antidote. (The New York Times)

There’s a high-pitched sonic device used to repel teens. (NPR)

Serena Williams graces the cover of Harper’s Bazaar unretouched. (Harper’s Bazaar)

How new FCC rules will weaken children’s programming on TV. (Common Dreams)

The power of simply talking to your kids. (Reuters, Union Leader)

Starting this weekend, The Wing in West Hollywood is launching childcare for $12/hour. (The Wing)

The 10 presidential candidates who support school busing. (The Atlantic)

An argument for being a sportscaster (not a referee) during sibling fights. (The New York Times)

The new rules for kids flying alone. (Consumer Reports)

Why team sports might help kids dealing with trauma. (The New York Times)

The first U.S. baby was born from the transplanted uterus of a deceased donor. (USA Today)

About half of babies born with Zika are developing normally by age 2. (New Scientist)

Research finds the risk of stillbirth goes up after pregnancies go over 40 weeks. (The New York Times)

A doctor on the 1 million Americans who will be shot in the next decade. (The Atlantic)

A growing number of travel destinations are catering to kids with autism. (The New York Times)

Why babies point. (Discover Magazine)

Tamron Hall brings her newborn to Essence Fest. (Essence)

A class riot amongst the one percent at one of Brooklyn’s oldest nursery schools. (The Cut)

When having a third child feels like the safe choice. (The New York Times)

An argument for giving your kids “mental health days.” (Lifehacker)

The horror book genre is tapping into modern motherhood anxiety. (Nylon, Vulture)

Why energy drinks and kids don’t mix. (Quartz)

Nine celebrities on choosing to live child-free. (People)

Balancing motherhood as a ballerina. (Pointe)

Many college students are too poor to eat. (The Atlantic)

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