The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:30 pm

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Serena Williams and others marked Black Women’s Equal Pay Day on July 31st, a date that represents the number of days into 2017 a black woman must work to earn the same pay as a white man made in 2016. (Instagram, Fortune)

Six things to know when sending your kids back to school. (The New York Times)

Have smartphones ruined an entire generation? (The Atlantic)

When motherhood crushes your self-esteem. (Elle)

Whitney Port had a baby boy and named him Sonny. (Instagram)

Stay-at-home dads are on the rise. (Forbes)

The thin line between maternal instinct and OCD. (The New York Times)

How to be a great mother with a great career. (Forbes)

Meet the mom who wrote a kids book to keep black boys alive. (NBC)

The designer baby era is not upon us. (The Atlantic)

Preparing preschoolers for an automated economy. (The New York Times)

70 great baby names, imported from Sweden. (Nameberry)

How wordless books can help kids learn. (Salon)

New Zealand’s new head of the Labour Party was asked about her plans to have kids on live TV and she wasn’t having it. (The Atlantic)

Halle Berry on mom guilt and “balance.” (People)

The violent policing of black motherhood. (Salon)

Women still make up less than a third of speaking characters in top U.S. movies. (Slate)

How to prep your child for kindergarten, well before they turn 5. (Yakima Herald)

When motherhood escalates your fears. (The New York Times)

The link between states that restrict reproductive rights and those that punish pregnant women for drinking. (Slate)

Why women get criticized for being candid at work. (The Atlantic)

Live in the Bay Area? Mark your calendars for this can’t-miss sample sale. (Bryr Studio)

If everyone ate beans instead of beef. (The Atlantic)

Hot car deaths are prompting tech innovation that detects kids in cars. (USA Today)

A teaser of the new thriller Mother! by Darren Aronofsky, starring Jennifer Lawrence. (Den Of Geek)

Bullying thirty-somethings into pregnancy. (Salon)

How to thrive as an empty-nester. (The New York Times)

Meet Lauren Conrad’s son, Liam. (People)

Why kids can’t write. (The New York Times)

The complicated history of Affirmative Action. (The Atlantic)

Hearing loss in teens is on the decline. (The New York Times)

George Clooney threatens photographers who took photos of his twins. (NY Daily News)

When libraries serve up summer meals to poor kids. (The New York Times)

Done with your maternity clothes? Check out Storq Recycling. (Storq)

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