The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:30 pm

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Cassie is expecting baby #2. (Instagram)

How remote school has served as a “gateway drug” to social media. (The New York Times)

The devastating story of a 33-year-old woman who gave birth to a healthy baby, then died from COVID-19 before she could hold him. (Today)

A new study out of Iceland provides evidence of how much children contribute to the spread of coronavirus. (National Geographic)

Dr. Fauci says COVID vaccine trials on pregnant women and young kids could begin in January. (CNBC)

Christina Milian is expecting her third child (10 months after baby #2). (Instagram)

Jenny Slate is pregnant with her first child. (People)

Helping children who are more scarred and anxious due to the pandemic. (KQED)

How child sex abuse is running rampant on Pornhub. (The New York Times)

Another child, just 11-years-old, shot and killed himself while on Zoom. (ABC)

Just months after her daughter’s suicide, Daisy Coleman’s mother takes her own life. (NBC)

The mother of 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr., slain on his doorstep by police, demands justice. (CBS)

Heartbreaking letters to Santa. (USA Today)

Meet the author behind the brand-new kids’ book, The ABCs of Black History. (MOTHER)

Why kids’ immune systems might be able to evade COVID-19 better than adults. (Nature)

Kids are watching porn. Here’s how to talk to them about it. (The New York Times)

An English ruling on transgender teens could have global repercussions. (The Economist)

How the pandemic is robbing women around the world of the chance to have a baby. (The Guardian)

Kristen Wiig on how motherhood has changed her. (ET)

Mindy Kaling on cutting herself some slack in 2020. (Yahoo!)

The cutest cloth diapers around. (MOTHER)

Inside the rainbow-filled nursery of Flour Shop owner Amirah Kassem (inventor of the sprinkle explosion cake). (People)

A touching story of motherhood, a Down syndrome diagnosis, and more. (BornTogether Podcast)

The best things about the worst year ever. (GQ)

Jill Scott on motherhood and “single” parenthood. (EurWeb)

Michelle Wie on how having a baby girl made her re-think retirement. (CNN)

50 great gifts for guys. (MOTHER)

Be on the lookout for HBO’s The Baby, “a raw examination of motherhood as an institution.” (Bloody Disgusting)

Inside John Lennon’s life as a stay at home dad in the years before his death. (NBC)

A scene from Elf comes to life as a young man, dressed as Elf, meets his biological father. (CBS)

A closer look at the print-centric DockATot x Morris & Co. collab. (MOTHER)

Baby Boomer names that have stayed in style. (Lincoln Journal Star)

A “motherhood revolution” one poem at a time. (Today)

A tale of pandemic motherhood. (Marketplace)

One mother’s story about the pandemic solving her son’s separation anxiety. (MOTHER)

How body dissatisfaction in teens leads to depression. (U.S. News & World Report)

The coronavirus diary of a mother of 6. (Reuters)

ADHD medication OD’s are on the rise for U.S. children. (U.S. News & World Report)

More on the COVID baby bust on the horizon. (MarketWatch)

The importance of teaching teens financial literacy. (CNBC)

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