The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

Chanel Iman welcomed her second daughter, Cassie Snow. (Instagram)

Greta Thunberg is getting her own Hulu documentary. (Hypebeast)

The miseducation of the American boy. (The Atlantic)

The U.S. has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households. (Pew)

Dwayne Wade on supporting his daughter’s transition. (People)

8-year-old unboxer Ryan Kaji or Ryan’s World is named YouTube’s top earning kid influencer after taking home $26M in 2019. (Forbes, CNN)

The secret to saving the lives of black mothers and babies. (Politico)

State employees in New Hampshire will now be allowed to bring their infants to work. (NBC Boston)

Ashley Graham on gaining 50lbs during her pregnancy and feeling amazing. (Today)

The vast American opportunity gap between white kids and kids of color. (NPR)

A Japanese mom is using giant cut-outs of herself to stop her toddler from crying. (People)

New York City will pay a mother $625,000 after police officers barbarically ripped her child from her arms in a video seen around the world. (CBS)

A new approach to pregnant inmates in Chicago. (The Atlantic)

The man behind the $5B LOL Dolls boom. (The New York Times)

More teens are smoking pot via vaping, despite warnings. (CNBC)

An argument for not teaching toddlers to code. (Wired)

A new study on the rampant racism experienced by black teens. (Futurity)

Author Matt de la Peña on his favorite kids books to read over and over (and over and over). (NPR)

Baby names inspired by winter around the world. (Stacker)

Tips for talking to kids about sex. (NPR)

It’s okay to let your kids watch TV. Really. (Vulture)

How to help your teenager handle the death of their idol. (The New York Times)

Scotland’s top baby names of 2019—many influenced by Peaky Binders. (BBC)

How to keep your teen engaged in family time during the holidays. (Business Insider)

A new study about social media use and eating disorders in teens. (Forbes)

Gift ideas for kids who don’t need more stuff. (CNET)

Why encouraging children to talk to themselves can help their math scores. (CNN)

SNL spoofs kids’ holiday fashion. (House Beautiful)

How parents are protecting their kids’ winter break. (The Atlantic)

A cute DIY ornament project for kids. (Reading My Tea Leaves)

Singer Marsha Ambrosius gets real about motherhood. (Los Angeles Sentinel)

How to keep your kids safe on YouTube. (Vulture)

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