The Motherlode: The Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:30 pm

Photo Via Instagram/@ChanelIman

Chanel Iman is pregnant with baby #2. (Instagram)

The scientific debate over teens, screens, and mental health. (NPR)

The history of “mom jeans.” (The Atlantic)

Three things over-scheduled kids need in their lives. (KQED)

The harmful assumption that children are straight until proven otherwise. (The Atlantic)

Praise, don’t tease. And other tips to help littles with their weight. (NPR)

When your child calls you “fat.” (Glamour)

Cassie celebrates her 33rd birthday with an engagement and some nude, pregnancy portraits. (Instagram)

Your September 2019 horoscope is here! (Mother)

The sadness looming over modern parenting. (The New York Times)

Dealing with morning wood while co-sleeping. (Fatherly)

How to raise kids who can deal with rejection. (HuffPo)

Why dorms are so nice now. (The Atlantic)

Allyson Felix on motherhood, the pressure to “bounce back,” and her new deal with Athleta. (Shape)

Kids are getting emotionally attached to robots. Plus, an argument for making your kids call a robot “it” (not he or she). (WSJ, Futurism)

The reason U.S. teens keep grabbing for their phones. (Pew)

A poll finds millennials aren’t that into kids…or god or patriotism. (Intelligencer)

The top baby names in England and Wales. (BBC)

Are your hormones making you want another baby? (The Cut)

Laura Dern on raising her two kids solo. (People)

The Trump administration will now deport kids needing medical care. (CNN)

What indefinite detention does to migrant kids. (The New York Times)

Ray J and Princess Love are expecting another baby. (People)

The paradox of Peanuts. (The Atlantic)

What to do if your kid won’t stop playing with his penis. (Men’s Health)

Why colleges would prefer freshmen not pick their roommates. (The Atlantic)

Is the placenta finally getting its due? (The Cut)

A sneak peek of black women “OWN’ing” the conversation about motherhood. (Oprah)

Does today’s anti-spanking crusade vilify African-American parents? (The New York Times)

A survey finds 20% of public schools give kids less than 20 minutes to eat lunch. (ABC)

Tamron Hall on motherhood and her new talk show. (MSN)

Eight concerns of parents of teens with Down Syndrome. (Yahoo)

Anna Faris on slime, self-care, and her mom routine. (Parade, Hello Giggles)

A study looks at preschool classrooms from a child’s perspective (using video cameras). (ScienceDaily)

Kelly Clarkson admits sometimes parenthood leaves her crying in the bathroom. (MSN)

The “I Mom So Hard” creators are making a show for ABC. (Variety)

Fewer teens are participating in substance abuse prevention programs. (Reuters)

R.I.P. Isabel Toledo. (The Atlantic, Kinfolk)

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