The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
8:00 am

Photo Via People

When parents are barred from the NICU. (CNN)

How today’s child-care crisis is even worse for health-care workers. (The Atlantic)

Parenting when you or your partner have COVID-19. (The New York Times, MSN, The New York Times)

Heartbreaking reminders. (CNN, Slate)

A study finds pregnant women might pass coronavirus to their unborn children. (The Los Angeles Times)

The CDC is recommending separating newborns from mothers who have or might have been exposed to COVID-19. (USA Today)

Tried the #BabySharkHandWashChallenge yet? It’s actually pretty brilliant. (YouTube)

Amazon is streaming kids’ videos for free, regardless of your Prime membership status. (TechCrunch)

The effort of children around the globe to fill the world with rainbows, one window at a time. (CNN)

We launched our “Day in the Life” series, an intimate look at how mothers around the globe are navigating their new normal. Nominate yourself by tagging @mothermag and #MMDayInTheLife on Instagram. (MOTHER)

Alicia Keys on the tough decision to move forward with her second pregnancy. (People)

A Chinese father created a wild-looking “safety pod” to protect his newborn from the coronavirus. (NY Post)

What to tell someone who won’t stay home. (The Atlantic)

How the coronavirus is impacting expecting mothers across the nation. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

There might be a post-coronavirus baby blip, not a baby boom. (The Washington Post)

You can now pre-order Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s new children’s book, Grandma’s Gardens. (Amazon)

How to wipe-down your home daily. (The New York Times)

With kids cooped up, doctors expect a surge in pediatric injuries. (The New York Times)

Why vintage Jane Fonda workout videos are having a comeback. (Instagram, Vogue)

Mo’nique on how she sacrificed motherhood for fame. (The Breakfast Club, David Banner Podcast)

Four drawing games to get your kids off screens. (Medium)

Why we should be heeding extreme caution with grandparents. (The New York Times)

Carson Daly and his wife Siri had a baby girl named Goldie Patricia. (People)

Easy and inexpensive crafts for kids (that even toddlers can do). (Les Sardines Studio)

Cool art print-outs for children. Plus, the artist’s suggested medium. (Lisel Ashlock, Amazon)

A how-to on the new reality of shopping at grocery stores. (The New York Times)

In case you missed it, 100 screen-free activities to do with children. (MOTHER)

Also, over 25 FREE education sites and apps that kids can use on their own. (MOTHER)

More than half of American kids still aren’t “eating right.” (U.S. News & World Report)

Why the family behind the Ganni fashion house is hopeful about the garment industry post-pandemic. (Vogue)

Teens and parents are clashing over social distancing rules. (The Globe & Mail)

The new TV show “My First Family” looks at parenthood in an alternate reality. (Variety)

40 cookbooks to inspire more cooking and baking from home. (MOTHER)

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