The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:50 pm

Eva Longoria and Gabrielle Union on why babies should be on the red carpet, and everywhere else. (Harper’s Bazaar)

What you can do to help aid the devastating Amazon rainforest fires. (The Guardian)

Weight Watchers’ new app for teens is catching loads of criticism. (U.S. News and World Report, GMA)

How Venezuela’s political crisis is pushing women into “forced motherhood.” (TIME)

The profound benefits of pre-school teachers making house calls. (The New York Times)

Quentin Tarantino, 56, to become a first-time father. (People)

The battle hymn of the #boymom. (Jezebel)

How women are penalized at work for “potential fertility” even before they have kids. (Aljazeera)

A new show explores the nuances of black boyhood. (The Atlantic)

Tips for handling tough school drop-offs. (The New York Times)

New stats around women “opting out” of the workforce after having babies. (U.S. Census)

Oracene Price on raising superstar daughters Venus and Serena. (Today)

One of New Zealand’s top (male) lawmakers gets applauded for holding and feeding a colleague’s baby during a debate. (TIME)

Some states are finding ways to give teens HPV vaccinations without parental consent. (USA Today)

Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert on losing their parents and siblings. (Los Angeles Times)

How to calm down rowdy kids, according to teachers. (Lifehacker)

Babies and diapers are supposedly replacing sex and drugs at Burning Man. (NY Post)

New rules from the Trump administration would silence the stories of migrant children held in U.S. detention. (The Atlantic)

A new study finds having kids makes you happier…once they’ve moved out. (CNN)

How medicine became a surprisingly family-friendly profession. (The New York Times)

Most kids on ADHD drugs via Medicaid aren’t getting proper follow-up care. (NPR)

The widespread suspicion of opposite-sex friendships. (The Atlantic)

Hulu’s Jawline documentary explores the lives of teenage live-stream stars. (Vox)

How to effectively talk to kids about school shootings. (Mashable)

Hollywood’s premier fashion camp for ages 6 and up. (The New York Times)

How to encourage kindness in kids. (Lifehacker)

Catherine Zeta Jones and her daughter grace the cover of Vanity Fair Spain. (Us Magazine)

Four podcasts to teach kids about history and current events. (Mashable)

An essay of two births. (The Atlantic)

Turns out moms of middle schoolers are more depressed that mothers of other aged kids. (People)

“Dad Guy.” (Mashable)

The lonely burden of today’s teen girls. (WSJ)

How to help your child study. (The New York Times)

Why Gabrielle Union is anti mom guilt. (Parade)

50 baby names inspired by money. (Policy Genius)

A Pennsylvania couple used a lifelike baby toy to fake the pregnancy, birth, and death of a child. (CNN)

Porsha Williams calls out “snapback” culture. (People)

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