The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:45 pm

Photo via Instagram

After years of trying, Eve is pregnant with her first baby at 42. (Instagram, NY Post)

Pediatricians say the mental health crisis amongst children is now a national emergency. (NPR)

How overturning Roe vs. Wade could send more women to prison for miscarriages. (Slate)

A new California law requires stores to have gender neutral toy displays for kids. (Ad Week)

The staggering number of children who have lost a parent to COVID. (The Atlantic)

How other rich nations pay for childcare. (The New York Times)

Finally, skin tone pacifiers to match *every* little one! (Doddle & Co.)

Classic PJ’s for the holidays and beyond! (Pehr)

The new question haunting adoption in the U.S. (The Atlantic)

Near Brooklyn? Check out the Doula Expo hosted by MOTHER favorite Latham Thomas on October 30th! (Doula Expo)

How to lessen the environmental impact of Halloween starting with your costumes. (Fast Company)

Tips for keeping your kids safe while trick or treating. (ABC)

The second Christian Robinson for Target drop has arrived! (Target)

A new apron with built-in bakers’ mitts by two of our favorite mom entrepreneurs. (BlueCut x Milk & Cardamom)

How masks are changing the way children interact. (The Atlantic)

The kids the pandemic left behind. (Mother Jones)

Doctors across the country are preparing to vaccinate kids once they’re given the okay. (NPR)

Jeannie Mai on how suffering sexual abuse as a child made her doubt motherhood; and how she eventually changed her mind. (YouTube)

Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter discuss Ruby coming out as trans. (People)

Halsey says motherhood completely changed their perspective on life. (iHeartRadio)

YouTube, TikTok, and SnapChat will have to testify before Congress over kids’ safety. (Forbes)

Matching mommy-and-me jumpsuits, yes please! (Oso & Me)

Want to stay in a replica of Winnie the Pooh’s treehouse? If you’re in the U.K., you can. (Airbnb)

Marvel-inspired baby names that are gaining steam. (HuffPo)

Many parents of children with Zika say they have been forgotten. (NPR)

Hoda on when she realized she first wanted to become a mother. (People)

The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 is now on Netflix! (Netflix)

Jamie Foxx shares parenting advice in his new book, Act Like You Got Some Sense: And Other Things My Daughters Taught Me. (Chicago Sun Times, Amazon)

Why the dividing lines between generations are just a figment of our imagination. (The Atlantic)

Inside Freida Pinto’s baby shower. (Instagram)

How to talk to teens about edibles. (The New York Times)

The intoxicating allure of childhood friendships. (The Atlantic)

In case you missed it, Ashley Graham is having twin boys. (Instagram)

Men and women will be treated the same under Democrats’ new caretaker policy proposals. (The New York Times)

Sore nipples? Frida Mom’s new set has you covered. (Amazon)


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