The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:00 am

FEED launched its first backpack, lunchbox, and snack bag collection for kids. Each purchase provides up to 40 meals to kids in need. (FEED)

Ashley Graham is pregnant with her first child. (Instagram)

The impact of racism on children’s health. (The New York Times)

Jay-Z partners with the NFL, and Colin Kaepernick supporters are not having it. (The Atlantic)

Why the U.S. has long resisted universal childcare. (The New York Times)

Eleven-year-old Magdalena, who became one of the tragic faces of the ICE raids last week, has still not located her father. (CNN)

J.Crew and HATCH Collection team up for a work-centric collection for mamas-to-be. (Mother)

The importance of calling girls “girls,” not “underage women.” (The Atlantic)

Inspired by students at Columbine, teens around the country are asking that pictures of their dead bodies be shared publicly, should they be killed in a school shooting. (HuffPo)

What parents might not realize when they post about their kids online. (NPR, Psychology Today)

Nike debuts Nike Adventure Club, a subscription box service for kids. (AdWeek)

The financial burden of day care and preschool. (The New York Times)

Why oldest and only children have higher chances of running a company. (The Atlantic)

Research finds poor students have less shade in their schoolyards than wealthier kids. (Reuters)

Talking about the “pregnancy penalty.” (Quartz)

When social media disrupts positive activities and, thus, our teens’ mental health. (CNN)

South Korean teens are taking a digital detox. (NPR)

Janet Jackson on why she doesn’t have a nanny. (Atlanta Black Star)

Tips for transitioning your child to preschool and kindergarten. (Mother)

Daphne Oz had her fourth child and named her Giovanna Ines. (People)

Weight Watchers launches Kurbo, a healthy eating app aimed at kids. (TechCrunch)

Alexis Ohanian on the importance of paternity leave. (HuffPo)

The lack of summer leisure time for today’s teens. (Pew)

Michelle Obama on motherhood being a “masterclass in letting go.” (Mother)

The trailer for Greta Gerwig’s Little Women remake is here. (YouTube)

New Argentinian film Maternal looks at convent-run shelters for single mothers. (The Upcoming, Variety)

A new study links more sleep and less screen time with better behaved kids. (MedicalXpress)

A dramatic story emerges from an elite school cafeteria. (The Atlantic)

How teens are getting their news. (It might surprise you). (USA Today)

Vaping is leading to serious breathing problems in young adults. (NBC)

After losing their daughter to drowning last year, Bode and Morgan Miller are expecting twin boys. (People)

How to prevent kids’ art subscription boxes from cluttering your home. (Mashable)

What parenting a baby in the 1950s might have looked like. (Yahoo)

Kids aren’t playing enough sports because it’s too expensive. (ESPN)

What the CEO of YouTube—a mother of 5 children—has to say about kids and screen time limits. (Inc.)

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