The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
12:50 pm

Photo Via People

R.I.P. Gloria Vanderbilt, mother to Anderson Cooper. (CNN)

The suicide rate for U.S. teens and young adults has hit its highest rate in two decades. (PBS)

How some of the richest countries in the world rank when it comes to family-friendliness. (Quartz)

The damage of dad shaming. (The New York Times)

Thanks to a looming FTC crackdown, YouTube is considering moving all kids’ content over to YouTube Kids. (Vanity Fair)

Your children are probably not going to grow horns from too much cellphone use. (Forbes)

Vintage baby names worth reviving. (HuffPo)

When female athletes have to choose between sponsorship and motherhood. (ESPN)

A great answer to a loaded question on kids and race. (Slate)

Is the gender reveal cake over? (The New York Times)

Sienna Miller on raising her daughter, Marlowe, and her new movie about motherhood. (Parade)

How to survive summer break with your kids. (Quartz)

Gender stereotypes in advertising is banned in Britain. (Vox)

25 mindfulness activities and tips for kids, tweens, and teens. (Positive Psychology)

Parenting in poverty. (The New York Times)

Inside Ayesha Curry’s wholesome Family Food Fight show. (The Atlantic)

Jaime King on teaching her boys consent. (Romper)

Why women—but not men—are judged for a messy house. (The New York Times)

A sperm donor with 17 kids and counting. (The Atlantic)

Getting adults to sleep like babies. (Wirecutter)

The new issue of Essence features mamas Iman, Ciara, and Teyana Taylor on the cover. (Essence)

Small colleges around the U.S. are shutting down. (The Atlantic)

How Japan is trying to convince women to have babies. (Quartz)

Sexting is linked to other risky behaviors in teens. (Mashable)

The challenge of summer camp when a child has special needs. (The New York Times)

How Esther Wojcicki raised two of the wealthiest women in the U.S. (Forbes)

A nightlight, sound machine, audio monitor, and more, in one. (TechCrunch)

The tragic death of a secret gamer. (The Atlantic)

Raven Symone on playing a mom on TV. (San Diego Entertainer)

Sandra Bullock on why she made Bird Box for her kids. (Today)

All the things that happen to your body after pregnancy. (The New York Times)

Why a large number of Maori newborns have been taken into state care in New Zealand. (CNN)

A Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist loses in court. (NPR)

The end of paternal secrets. (The Atlantic)

A small study finds Italian moms are more comfortable with their bodies than non-moms. (Science News)

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