The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
2:40 pm

Photo Via Refinery29

Surprise! Greta Gerwig had a baby boy with her partner Noah Baumbach. (Vulture)

The FDA approved the first-ever drug to treat postpartum depression. (Mother)

Are you a “snowplow parent”? (The New York Times)

Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke said he “sometimes” helps raise his three kids and the backlash is swift. (Fatherly)

AOC lands on the cover of Time. (Instagram)

Today’s teens are lonelier than they were 5 years ago. (USA Today)

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shows the world what a true leader looks like. (The Atlantic)

Kids books that fight Islamophobia. (Mother)

Why teen boys have more leisure time than teen girls. (The Atlantic)

Peppa Pig gets called out for being sexist, this time by the London Fire Brigade. (Twitter)

Diana? Arthur? Victoria? Alice? Bets are on for the next royal baby name. (Reuters)

Alarming segregation at New York City’s elite high schools. (The Atlantic)

Jessica Simpson gave birth to her daughter, Birdie Mae. (Instagram)

How to protect your kids from the ills of too much screen time. (Time)

Jamie Lynn Sigler on being a mother with MS. (Shondaland)

Why it’s impossible to stop the next admissions cheating scandal. (The Atlantic)

A Danish lawmaker who brought her baby daughter to work was kicked out of parliament for doing so. (DW)

Mindy Kaling on how motherhood shapes her activism. (Hollywood Reporter)

Girls as young as 8 are getting wax and laser hair removal. (The New York Times)

The harsh reality of video game addiction. (The Atlantic)

Great cookbooks for kids. (The New York Times)

A study links Sesame Street viewing with elementary school success. (Quartz)

How The Very Hungry Caterpillar became a classic. (The Atlantic)

Research finds women with twin brothers face penalties at work and school. (The New York Times)

How Pharrell is looking to bring “edu-tainment” to kids of color via Netflix. (Variety)

Kristin Cavallari launched a kids’ clothing line. (Little James)

Meanwhile, NYC blogger Something Navy launched a mommy-and-me collection for Nordstrom. (Nordstrom)

When a fertility doctor secretly uses his own sperm. (The Atlantic)

An easy way to turn those iPhone snaps of your kids into physical photo albums. (Parabo Press)

Parents are desperate to find ways to get their kids off vaping. (Time)

New guidelines on how to talk to your child about a terminal illness (theirs or a loved one’s). (The New York Times)

A study on transgender teens remains unchanged after activists called for a review. (National Review)

The cost of not knowing about a fatal gene while going through IVF. (The Atlantic)

In just 6 weeks, 6 Baltimore babies died in their sleep. Here’s what we know about them. (The Root)

Raising children in the scandal-plagued Catholic church. (The Atlantic)

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard on keeping it real with their kids. (People)

The art of navigating a family political discussion and keeping the peace. (The Atlantic)

Creative ways to get kids to thrive in school. (TED)

Christina Milian on introducing her daughter to Cardi B. (People)

A secret database of child abusers within the Jehovah’s Witnesses church. (The Atlantic

Something parents can do to point their teens in the direction of success. (FEE)

“Monstrous” motherhood as told by Hulu series The Act. (The Atlantic)


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