The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
3:25 pm

Photo Via Instagram

Hoda Kotb adopted a second baby girl, Hope Catherine. (Instagram)

Michelle Obama receives backlash for comparing Trump to a “divorced dad.” (CNN)

What high school was like before and after Columbine. (The Atlantic)

Columbine survivors who are now parents talk about today’s active shooter drills. (The Atlantic)

The father-daughter duo who were photographed playing in front of Notre Dame before it started burning have been located. (People)

How parents of stillborn babies are mourning via YouTube. (The New York Times)

Minnie Mouse slipped on pants for the first time ever. (People)

Can a Montessori-style playroom makeover change the way your kids play? (The New York Times)

“Baby Shark” x Coachella. (Mashable)

Who else is watching (or re-watching) Beyonce’s Homecoming this weekend? (Netflix)

Raising boys with a broader definition of masculinity. (The Atlantic)

A New York mom gets a $115 ticket for breastfeeding her child in a parked car. (CBS)

Starting today, Hatch is launching pop-up shops in nine Nordstrom locations in the U.S. and Canada. (Hatch)

Whoopi Goldberg’s touching interview about her mother. (Oprah’s Master Class: The Podcast)

A heartbreaking excerpt from Jayson Greene’s new memoir about his 2-year-old daughter’s death. (Vulture)

How the Trump era is molding the next generation of voters. (The New York Times)

Why Georgetown students want to start paying reparations. (The Atlantic)

The 100-year history of royal baby traditions. (The New York Times)

Walmart teams up with Kidbox to deliver $48 childrenswear bundles to your door. (PopSugar)

Kids and sugar—how much they should consume, plus the myth that it “makes them hyper.” (CNN)

Mini-Me fashion—yay or nay? (The New York Times)

Why so many teen athletes are struggling with depression. (The Atlantic)

How to help someone with depression. (The Cut)

How some families are combatting gender inequity in Japan. (The New York Times)

Oprah on the last words she said to her mother. (ET)

Research finds living near a major highway is tied to developmental delays in children. (The New York Times)

The alarming Ph.D gap for black students. (The Atlantic)

How teen relationships predict future romantic satisfaction. (Psychology Today)

Breaking the cycle of child abuse when you, the parent, has been a victim. (The New York Times)

When medical schools become less diverse, it affects us all. (The Atlantic)

What one woman wish she had known before freezing her eggs. (The New York Times)

Lauren Conrad is pregnant with her second child and so is Tatyana Ali. (Yahoo, People)

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