The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
1:50 pm

Photo via NY Times

Why white terror and denial is as American as stars and stripes. (The Atlantic)

More U.S. deaths from COVID-19 have happened over the past two weeks than any other 14-day period. (CNN)

How J.K Rowling became the most beloved—and reviled—children’s author in history. (New York Magazine)

The horror of Ireland’s mother and baby homes, where 9,000 lost their lives. (CNN)

Meena Harris on her brand-new book, Ambitious Girl. (NPR, Amazon)

Poet and new mom Cleo Wade has a new children’s book coming out in March. (Instagram, Amazon)

The number of children estranged from their parents is on the rise. Here’s why. (The Atlantic)

Pact launches organic, fair trade maternity wear. (Pact)

When the “Karen” next door calls the cops on your family. (New York Magazine)

Why so many people are disappointed by the Kamala Harris Vogue cover. (The Business of Fashion)

An at-home lesson plan for MLK Day. (Vooks)

BabyBjörn’s new leopard collection is oh so good. (Nordstrom)

Ciara on parenting and giving birth in a pandemic. (Self)

One daughter on outing her mother’s horrific behavior at the Capitol attack. (Elle)

Appallingly sexist government-issued instructions for pregnant women in South Korea. (The New York Times)

Research finds the mortality rate of Black babies is cut dramatically when they are delivered by Black doctors. (Washington Post)

Concerned about your toddler’s lack of social interaction during the pandemic? You’re not alone. (CNN)

Why your to-do list never ends. (The Atlantic)

Online art classes that help kids embrace their skin color. (ABC, HeyRana)

The modern kitchen cabinets of your 2021 dreams. (Reform)

Jodie Turner Smith on having a baby during 2020 and more. (Elle)

Anti-racist conversation cards for kids, made by moms. (Breaking Beariers)

Heartbreaking cyberbullying during online learning. (CBS)

Pictures of kids in the White House. (People)

Rain-proof boots on our wishlist. (Freda Salvador)

A unique family home made from shipping containers. (Floyd)

How the pandemic made foster care even more challenging. (The New York Times)

Connie Britton on deciding to adopt her son, Yoby. (People)

A new survey finds U.S. teens are experiencing high rates of depression, anxiety, and self-harm. (Forbes)

The documentary Mother explores grappling with a parent who has developed dementia. (Financial Times)

Inside Ashlee Simpson Ross’ “bohemian nursery” for new son Ziggy. (People)

The motherhood penalty in China. (CME)

New research finds a link between an expectant mother’s stress level and the likelihood her child will develop a disease. (Science Daily)

Sweet winter woodland wallpaper for a nursery. (Anthropologie)

Spotify Kids rolls out new features. (The Verge)

A study links excess weight during pregnancy with hormone imbalances in sons. (The New York Times)


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