The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
10:30 am

Photo Via Kamala Harris

The power of Kamala Harris as VP is being felt by women—young and old—around the country. (GMA, Harper’s Bazaar, Daily Motion)

Lawyers now say they can’t find the parents of 666 migrant children. (NBC)

A new U.K. study looks at regression in students due to distance-learning. (BBC)

How to talk about race in the classroom. (The Atlantic)

Inside the HBO documentary Transhood, which follows transgender kids over five years. (Time)

New Zealand’s new law eliminating pay discrimination in women-dominated occupations went into effect. (The New York Times)

Blue Ivy Carter will be the narrator of the Hair Love audiobook. (Variety)

Kamala’s niece—and MOTHER profile subject—Meena Harris has a new children’s book to pre-order called Ambitious Girl. (Amazon, Bookshop, Elle)

Meet “the best computer for kids”—that they can actually build themselves! (Kano)

A Kids’ Book About… is publishing new titles about Systemic Racism, White Privilege, Diversity, Death, and more! (A Kids’ Book About…)

There’s a bunch of new emojis out. Make sure you use them respectfully. (Anti-Racism Daily)

A pregnant Emma Roberts gets the Cosmo cover treatment. (Cosmopolitan)

One Oregon county just passed an impressive “preschool for all” bill that’ll give 3- and 4-year-olds free preschool. (The Cut)

How the pandemic is forcing us to rethink early education. (The Atlantic)

Usher on his new daughter Sovereign Bo. (Ellen)

COVID-19 is pushing Black mothers out of the workforce at a “staggering rate.” (The Cut)

How mothers and fathers are cutting back on work due to the pandemic. (Pew)

Teaching American history in a divided country. (The Atlantic)

Lucille Bridges, the mother of anti-segregation icon Ruby Bridges, passed away. (NPR)

The loss coincides with the release of Ruby Bridges’ children’s book, This Is Your Time, which gives a first-person account of Ruby’s embattled integration at an all-white school when she was only 6-years-old. (Amazon, Bookshop)

The pioneering Black baby doll, Baby Nancy, enters the Toy Hall Of Fame, alongside other classics like Sorry and Light-Brite. (NBC, Democrat & Chronicle)

What happens to some LGBTQ teens when their parents reject them. (The New York Times)

A 51-year-old mother who was a surrogate for her daughter just gave birth. (CBS)

Jason Momoa on raising children when not having grown up with a father. (People)

Is the old dichotomy of “stay at home mom” and “working mom” now obsolete? (Verily)

The immense pressure on teachers who are also mothers. (Science Daily)

A daughter on the power of her Black entrepreneur mother. (LAist)

Why the pandemic has made demand for the modular Nugget couch for kids surge. (Los Angeles Times)

The pressure of naming a Black son…and letting go. (Scary Mommy)

A new study on why children experience COVID-19 differently. (The New York Times)

Nicolette Robinson and Leslie Odom Jr. are expecting their second child. (Instagram)

The Notorious B.I.G.’s son on his father’s legacy. (BET)

Why the new Witches movie is offending some families with limb differences. (CBS)

After 14 boys, this Michigan couple just welcomed a baby girl. (NPR)

One scientist mom on how to wear your baby to work. (Nature)

Henry Golding and Liv Lo are expecting their first child. (People)

Danielle Brooks on her scary emergency c-section. (People)

One mom is asking folks to give “congratulations” to parents of babies with Down syndrome. (News Talk)

NBC will air a new The Grinch Musical on December 9th. (Today)

The rise in abuse of at-risk babies and children in lockdown. (BBC)

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